15 Calligraphy Books for Free! [PDF]

Practicing manual activities is a very interesting option for those people who are interested in developing these types of skills. Thinking of that wide group of people, we have created a collection of calligraphy books and exercises in PDF format, of public domain and free access.

Our intention will always be to bring more valuable content to our community and this selection of calligraphy books and exercises in PDF format is no exception to the rule. In them you will find the guide and the step by step to master the art of calligraphy and lettering.

We can define calligraphy as the art of writing correctly and aesthetically. The history of calligraphy dates back more than 4000 years in China. Since then, it has developed in different languages and each person has been able to generate their own style when writing, although following the social conventions of writing.

With the advance in computer technology and the creation of the typographies it was thought that calligraphy would be in total disuse, but this is not the case. Especially in recent years has had a revival, where the art of writing by hand is valued, far from the perfection of digital typography systems.

When you add to calligraphy the effort to decorate the letters more than usual, make drawings and use different materials to dye the shapes, it turns into lettering. In any case, both are closely linked and the results of the mastery of the technique are wonderful, in the aesthetic sense.

With our more than 15 calligraphy books and exercises in PDF format, you will be able to learn the art of writing with beauty and distinction. We have compiled all the necessary manuals and step-by-step guides for you to achieve expertise.

Here we present our complete selection of Calligraphy Books

Scottish Handwriting in the eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Kenneth Veitch

Hand and Brush - Lettering Guide


Easy lettering for sings and posters

Lars Josefson

The role of calligraphy in the Italian school of modern times

Francesco Ascoli

Upper Case Flourishing Workbook

Charlart Script

Calligraphic tendencies in the development of sanserif types in the twentieth century

Keith Tam

Cursive over typeface: the importance of teaching handwriting instead of typing

Linsey Hopman

The History of Cursive Handwritingin the United States of America

Lucie Koktavá

Teaching Handwriting

University of Babylon

A History of Learning to Write (Article)

Ewan Clayton

Become a Pro at Hand-Lettering (Article)

Sareena N.

Calligraphic Forms in Contemporary Typographic Design (Article)

Özden Pektas Turgut

The Practical Exploration of Calligraphy Education in Quality Education (Article)

Fan-lei Meng

The art of Calligraphy (Article)

Marianne Elliott

Study on the Application of Traditional Calligraphic Art in Graphic Design (Article)

Yaojie Guo

Glossary of calligraphy terms (Article)

Beth Lee

Here ends our selection of free Calligraphy books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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