10+ Cartoon Books for Free! [PDF]

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If you have drawing skills, you will surely be interested in our collection of cartoon books in PDF format.

In it you will find titles related to the techniques to develop to draw with a sense of humor, but above all artistic. Caricature is considered a popular art that has a wide audience.

Humor is not only achieved with words, as images, in this sense, can also have a great forcefulness. Master the art of expressing your perspective on a particular person or situation with an image by studying our selection of cartoon books.

The origins of caricature are said to date back to 16th century Italy, more specifically to the art school founded by the Carracci. The pupils of this institution drew guests or visitors with features similar to those of animals and objects.

We can therefore define caricature as a drawing in which, in general, a person’s face is represented in a distorted form, with exaggerated features, without losing its essence. This means that, despite the exaggeration of certain features, the person can still be recognized in the drawing.

The cartoon has a humorous purpose and people are willing to pay street artists or freelancers to portray them in caricature form. However, there is another type of cartoon that is usually published in newspapers and/or magazines, which has a tinge of sarcasm, as it aims to make a social or political criticism of a public figure, place or situation.

The face is not the only thing that is caricatured, it can also be done with the body and the behaviour of a person. It all depends on the creativity of the artist.

Take a look at this interesting collection of more than 10 cartoon books in PDF format and download the one you prefer for free and very quickly.

Here we present our complete selection of Cartoon Books:

Foul Perfection Thoughts on Caricature

Accueil Artpress

Shape Language (Article)

The Walt Disney Family Museum

How to Draw Cartoon People (Article)

Shoo Rayner Learn to Draw & illustrate with me

Basic Technique

Nickel Plate Arts

Cartoonists use 5 main elements to convey their point of view

Commack School District

Analyzing Political Cartoons

Alvin independent School District

Personalized and Photorealistic Caricature Sketching

Xiaoguang Han, Kangcheng Hou

Sample Based Face Caricature Generation

Heung-Yeung Shum, Ying-Qing Xu

Decoding Sense in Caricatures: A Study in Semio-stylistics

Hasan Mohammed Saleh Jaashan

A Visual History

Clifford Berryman and Jim Berryman

The Cold War in Political Cartoons, 1946 - 1963

The National Archives

Cartoon Character Coloring

Educational Coloring Pages



Animal Coloring

Louisiana State University

Here ends our selection of free Cartoon books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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