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If you like crafts, you will surely also like our selection of origami books in PDF format. This is a beautiful art that many people are passionate about, and in many countries there are even major exhibitions of the diverse variety that exists today.

We all know this art in its traditional form, many of us as children practiced it at school. However, nowadays there are variants that we will tell you about below, but that you can explore in the origami books that we leave at your disposal in this section of our virtual library.

We can define origami as the art that is dedicated to the creation of paper figures using the technique of folding. In this sense, no tools such as scissors or glue are used.

Its origin is located in China, but later came to Japan where it acquired the name we know today and became popular until it reached the West. Its growth was mainly due to the low cost of paper, which allowed a large part of the population to have access to this material.

Currently, we can speak of several types of origami, among which we can highlight the following:

Classic origami: it is performed with folds of the same piece of paper to form the figures.

Modular origami: the figures are created from the coupling of several simple pieces to form one of greater complexity (kusudama).

Action origami: the figure obtained performs a movement, either by pulling or pressing one of its parts. The «flapping bird» is a very common example of action origami.

But it does not only serve as art. Physicist Robert Lang has used this origami technique to solve engineering-related problems.

What are you waiting for to download these books that will teach you how to create with this technique? There are more than 20 origami books in PDF format to which we give you immediate and free access.

Origami Books

Origami Design Tree Theory for Uniaxial Bases

Robert J. Lang

Origami Mathematics in Education

Michael Assis

Origami and Geometric Constructions

Robert J. Lang

Origami for Fum, Science uses, and Spacecraft Application (Presentation)

Howie Baum

Architectural Origami Architectural Form Design Systems based on Computational Origami

Tomohiro Tachi

An Overview of Mechanisms and Patterns with Origami

David Dureisseix

Geometric origami

Marco Abate

Origami Templates and Diagrams

Many of us as children loved to make paper figures to play with, although we always made the most basic ones like airplanes and boats, but in our little minds it was a marvel.

Nowadays, making paper figures is considered an art, and that is what origami is all about, making figures, but with a certain technique, which means that not every paper figure is origami.

To better understand what this art is all about, origami templates and diagrams are an excellent tool, since they allow you to see the figures that can be made, whether they are animals, flowers, etc. They also explain the folding process to make them.


Vidin, Bulgaria

Paper Mario Origame Set

Nintendo of Europe

Origami Butterfly


Folding Origami Peace Cranes

Veterans Affairs Canada


Yami Yamauchi, Mari Michaelis

Origami Rockets

City of Torrance

How to Fold an Origami Crane

Japan External Trade Organization

Very easy origami penguin

Fumiako Shingu

How to Make an Origami Dress Shirt


Origami Balloon

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Make Your Own Origami

Zoological Society of London

Space Origami: Make Your Own Starshade





D. Petty

Origami Craft Kit

108 Contemporary

Origami 101-Step by step instruction booklet

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Here ends our selection of free Origami Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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