10+ Diagramming Books for Free! [PDF]

Although it is not a profession as such, it is included in many curricula and can become a trade. That is why we have given it a space in our library and have compiled a series of diagramming books in PDF format, so you can start your studies on this interesting subject.

Diagramming can be defined as the creative process of editorial design whose objective is the organization in the space of texts and other content developed by authors and illustrators. These contents can be produced for both printed and electronic channels.

This is a profession that is usually developed by graphic designers or layout designers prepared to put their creativity into practice through books, magazines, and brochures, among others.

The publishing house tends to direct the entire layout process and usually has specific guidelines about design and graphics. It can be practiced as an independent profession.

Don’t miss any of this valuable information and check out our more than 10 diagramming books in PDF format, which you can download for free on any of your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Diagramming Books:

The Diagramming Dictionary

Jessica Otto and Susan Wise Bauer

Diagramming Interpretation

James Durlingt

Automatic Sentence Diagramming

Warren Plath

Constructing Diagrams to Support Situation Understanding and Planning

Bonny Banerjee, B. Chandrasekaran and John R. Josephson

Thinking With Diagrams In Architectural Design

Ellen Yi-Luen Do & Mark D. Gross

How Domain Experts Create Conceptual Diagrams and Implications for Tool Design

Dor Ma’ayan, Wode Ni, Katherine Ye, Chinmay Kulkarni and Joshua Sunshine

Layout and Design

Richard F. Hartl and Margaretha Preusser

Basic design, theory and practice

Nihan Canbakal Ataoglu

Designing theory

Melissa Warr, Punya Mishra and Ben Scragg

Design Chart for Reinforced Concrete Rectangular Section

K. H. Bayagoob, Yavuz Yardim and S. A. Ramoda

Table and Graph Design for Enlightening Communication

Stephen Few

Tools for making good data visualizations: the art of charting


Quantitative Data Graphics: Best Practices of Designing Tables and Graphs for Use in Not-for-Profit Evaluation Reports

Ruta Stabina

Designing Effective Tables and Graphs

Stephen Few

Visualizing their Basic Parts

Monica Orozco

Here ends our selection of free Diagramming books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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