15+ Plastic Arts Books for Free! [PDF]

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The world of arts nowadays is very wide and interesting, which is why we have created this collection of plastic arts books in PDF format. We know that a large part of our community will like them and will also find the learning related to this area of the humanities useful.

With our plastic arts books, you will be able to deepen your knowledge about essential concepts, techniques, and materials that result in one of the artistic creations, related to the fine arts. This notion has emerged since the nineteenth century when this kind of artistic product was intended to differentiate from those derived from the performing arts, which also involve the sense of hearing.

We can define plastic arts as the set of artistic expressions and forms resulting from the manipulation and modeling of materials, as well as the implementation of techniques with the purpose of creating images or forms that represent a specific vision of reality, according to aesthetic canons and values.

Traditionally, the visual arts are classified into painting, sculpture, architecture, ceramics, engraving, and drawing, but nowadays, it has been extended to graffiti, photography, performance, and urban art.

What the plastic arts have brought to the plastic arts is the possibility of transcending beyond their traditional spaces of representation, and moving toward new formats. We invite you to learn more about this interesting subject by consulting our collection of more than 15 books on plastic arts in PDF format.

Here we present our complete selection of Plastic Arts Books:

Expressive Arts

Neville Unduka

The Visual Arts (Article)


Visual Arts - Guidelines for Teachers of Students with MODERATE


Visual Arts


Creativity in the Visual Arts

Matthew Pelowski, Helmut Leder and Pablo P. L. Tinio

Visual Arts

Oklahoma state department of education

Grades 9 to 12 Visual Arts


Visual Art Works

US Copyright Office

Aim of Junior Cycle Visual Art

Junior Cycle for Teachers

Fundamentals of visual arts

School of building and environment department of architecture

Performing and visual arts

Rakhi Bhattacharya

Introduction to the visual arts (Article)

Yael Karmi

Introduction to the Visual Arts (Article)

Brigham Young University

Visual Arts Glossary

Horace Mann PTSA

Vocabulary Arts (Article)


Seeing Writing in a Visual World

Eric H. Hobson

Here ends our selection of free Plastic Arts books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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