15+ Theater Books for Free! [PDF]

We continue to expand our list of art-related topics. In this opportunity, we present to you our collection of theater books in PDF format containing classic and emblematic plays from the world of dramatic art.

It should be noted that we refer to theater in terms of texts created for the purpose of being performed on stage. In this sense, dramatic plays are written differently from other literary works. With our selection of theater books in PDF format, you can enjoy reading intended for dramatic performance.

The origins of theater as an artistic and literary genre date back to classical Greece, when theatrical text, recitation, music, choreography and costumes combined to create the magic of this priceless art. The greatest exponents of the time were Sophocles, Euripides, Aeschylus (in Tragedy) and Aristophanes (in Comedy).

But, in reality, the theater had its antecedents in the rituals of worship to the gods and in those of food gathering, where representations of different scenes of daily life were performed and where people could demonstrate their artistic talents.

The theater evolved over time, but always retained its fundamental elements, although adapted to the changes of each era. Among them we can mention: the stage (place where theatrical events take place, including the scenography), the actors (people who represent the characters and their actions within the play), the text (script or dramatic text that includes annotations and other references for the director, the producer and the actors) and the costumes.

Theater is an art worth studying and enjoying, so we invite you to take a look at our collection of more than 15 theater books in PDF format. These are plays rated by critics and audiences alike as being of the highest standard.

Theater Books

No Exit and Three Other Plays

Jean Paul Sartre

Summer night Dream

William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare

Tales from Shakespeare

Charles and Mary Lamb

Theater for Children

Theater in childhood is one of the best forms of expression, fun and development. Children like it and have a good time and it also favors the evolution of all parts of their body and mind. Theater helps children to improve their language, their comprehension and above all their expression.

Theater for children requires a lot of work, a little more than with young people and adults, since being children, their understanding is a little less, so the plays that are represented must be easy for them to understand, as well as to interpret.

Theater for children can also help children to reinforce reading, to learn about literature, art and history, to learn to be communicative and sociable, among many other benefits.

School Play

Arden Kass,Seth Bauer,Edward Sobel

Drama Resources

Education Bureau

Play Script (Presentation)

World of Language

The Three Little Pigs Play script (Article)

Horbury Primary Academy

Drills Dialogues and Role Plays

The University of Michigan Press

Theater techniques and strategies

Being the director of a theater team is not an easy task, since it requires a higher competence than the other members of the team; such a director will require a lot of research, passion and dedication to be able to perform the techniques and strategies necessary to communicate the message to the greatest number of people in the audience.

As for the acting techniques, it is necessary to have the materials that go according to the theme to be dramatized, this is practically one of the most effective strategies, to decorate and dress the actors in a way that only by seeing it captivates the audience present.

Among the main materials used in a theater are: costumes, fabrics, makeup, lights, musical instruments, scripts, sounds, the narrator, the curtain and the mannequins.

Drama Techniques

Richard Clark

Drama Handbook

International School of Athens

Dramatic Techniques and Elements (Presentation)

Dr K A Korb,Akolo A James

Drama Techniques (Article)

Beverley High School

Drama Strategies and Conventions

Patricebaldwin Web Page

Theatre Appreciation Terms

Department of Theatre Columbus State University

Screen Acting Tips a Short Guide to Success (Article)

Kahlil Joseph Performing Artist Web Page

Advanced Acting Strategies for the Experienced Actor (Article)

Eric Morris,Harold Clurman,William Ball

Drama Teaching Resources and Strategies (Article)

McKay School of Education

Here ends our selection of free Theater books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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