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The topic we have selected today to include in our digital library is one of great interest and wide use in our time. On this occasion we will present you with a selection of free books on Photography.

On this subject we have collected a set of books in PDF format, to make it even easier for you to access and download.

It is known as photography the form of art that captures images using light to achieve it, projecting and fixing it in the form of images on a sensitive medium. The images obtained through this technique are called photos or photographs.

In our selection of books, you can consult information on etymology, process, history, how cameras work, applications, performance in the artistic field, copyright, and photography at present.

To deal with everything related to today’s subject, we have selected more than 20 books of Photography in PDF format with which you can be sure you will know everything you want to know about this artistic technique.

In addition, we have also included books in Spanish and Portuguese, in case you want to read about it in one of these languages.

As an additional point to highlight, we indicate that each and every one of the books of our selection, are in the public domain or have been transferred for free distribution.

Basic Photography Books

Ultimate Field Guide to Photography


What Makes a Great Picture?

Alexei Efros

Basic principles of photography

David capel

Basic Photography. Using a Digital Camera

Jongpil Cheon

Introduction to Photography

Carleton University

Photography 101 guide. Develop an eye for great photos!

Eric St-Pierre

Photographic Lighting Books

One of the most important elements to get a good photo is the lighting. It is essential for the photograph to be obtained with the best results, since it is useless to take a good shot without proper lighting.

There are several types of photographic lighting, the first is natural, which comes from the sun, the clarity of the day, a light that the photographer must know how to handle, since being a natural light you do not have control of it, you just learn to use it.

The second type of lighting is artificial lighting, which comes from created objects such as ring lights, reflectors, etc. The main characteristic of this type of light is that it does not vary, so it is controllable, and can be used at any time and place.

Light and Photography

Abhey Singh

Studio Lighting Workbook

Melanie Heinrich

Image Editing Books

The image editing is a post-shooting technique, which is performed in order to improve the photographs before delivering them to the client, basically it is a laboratory process where the photographs must be retouched.

The retouching is the improvement of the photograph, you can clarify the image, clean it from the noise produced by the lens, as well as change the color, add or remove objects, etc., it all depends on the editing that needs to be done.

Photo editing involves the use of computers and specialized programs, among which Photoshop stands out as the main tool worldwide. It should be noted that this technique allows the subjectivity of the editor, since the results are obtained based on their professionalism.

Image Editing with Photoshop

Heartland Community College

Photo Editing

Republic of the Philippines Department of Education

Fine-art Photography Books

Photography is considered one of the most pleasurable activities that can be performed, it is practiced by many people around the world, but few manage to capture its true essence.

Those who usually do are professional photographers, who have learned to express themselves through this activity; and that is practically what fine-art photography consists of, the expression of feelings or emotions through the images captured in the lens of a camera.

Its main characteristic is the exaltation of beauty, and its message must be clear to the naked eye. An example of this type of photography are the flowers, the landscape, the colors of the twilight, etc.

Intro to Fine-Art Black & White Photography: Notes & Musings

Andy Ilachinski

A Journey Back into Black and White Photography

St. Mary's Camera County Club

Photography Business Books

Photography is much more than a hobby, it is a profession that can pay good dividends if executed correctly, for this it is best to be a professional, to be able to start a business in this regard and make a living from this profession.

There is a great variety of businesses that a photographer can undertake, from something independent to a photography agency in partnership with someone else, the truth is that this art opens the doors to a wide and very lucrative world.

Among the photography businesses, the following are usually highlighted: Wedding photography, photographic studio, specialization in montages, photography for children, fashion photography, commercial photography, tourist photography, and many more, there are many options for a professional photographer to choose from. 

8 steps on how to build a successful photography business

Various authors

Starting Photo Business

Various authors

Study on wedding photography and Strategic business plan for wedding photography Studio

Jiashen Han. Jing Ning. Muhammad Kamran

Street Photography Books

Street photography is a quite interesting and complex art to perform, it has to do with the way the author sees a city and its inhabitants, therefore, in this photographic genre you will always see a group of people intertwined with the environment that surrounds them.

The objective is to represent the city through the character that appears in the photo, an example of this is an image of young people playing soccer in the streets of Brazil, it represents what they are culturally as a nation, or a part of it.

People, objects, surrealism, urban landscapes, are main characteristics of this type of photography, which are very striking and commercial.

100 Lessons from the Masters of Street Photography

Eric Kim

The Anti Manual of Street Photography

Michail Moscholios

Children’s Photography Books

Children’s Photography is one of the most difficult to do, because children tend to get annoyed when you take more than two or three photos in a row, and not only that, they get distracted enough to get on your nerves while you take a good shot.

However, it is one of the most rewarding and fun, because most are accompanied by montages to simulate the shot in different locations around the world. Creativity is one of the essential characteristics of this photographic genre.

As for teaching children the art of photography, it is necessary to do it through simple practical exercises, in which children have fun while “playing at being photographers”.

5- Step Checklist to save time in post and perfect your newborn photography in camera

Russ Jackson

Food Photography Books

Food photography is based on the immortalization of meals. It is a common practice that occurs nowadays, where people want to share in their social networks or with their friends what they have in their food dishes.

It is also used for advertising purposes, so that businesses through these photos promote their menus or products to people. It is a practice that has the characteristic of capturing the best angle of the food, which is its main object and nothing else, people are not part of this type of photography.

One of the advantages of this art is that it does not require a photographic studio as it is used for portraits, but only a good meal and a good shot.

How to take stunning food photos

Learn food photography

Capturing Delicious

Susan Voisin

Photography for Sale Books

In the world of digital business, photography for sale is one of the best options, since it is responsible for providing resources to professionals in related fields, such as graphic designers and illustrators, who always need models to make their compositions.

On the web there are many sites dedicated to this activity, one of the most recognized is the Adobe site, where you can create an account and access a large number of photos to download, of course, you must pay a monthly fee, and that is where the business of photography for sale is.

You can find practically everything in photography for sales, from sports pictures, casual pictures, pictures of models in specific poses, photos of objects, technology, landscapes, etc.

Professional Photography

Various authors

Fashion Photography Books

Fashion photography is a branch of advertising photography that due to its great progress has been necessary to classify it in a different category, however, its purpose does not differ from the previous one, only that it is based on a “specific product”.

In fashion photography, garments, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances and other fashion-related items are captured, which are mainly used for the promotion of new products related to a certain brand.

A simple example is the photos we can see published in specialized magazines such as Vogue and Elle, as well as in fashion advertisements. The main element of this photographic genre are the models, both male and female, who are in charge of wearing the clothes.

Intro to Fashion Photography

David J. Crewe

Fashion Photography and the Clothes Involved

Jodi A. Garcia

Here ends our selection of free Photography books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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