15+ Urban Design Books for Free! [PDF]

Cities are not only structures and buildings, they are also spaces where social life takes place. The integration of both aspects can be studied with our compendium of urban design books in PDF format. Most of the population lives in cities, so their planning should aim to create social welfare.

Studying with our collection of urban design books will give you the possibility to delve into its basic concepts and principles. Your research on this important topic can begin in our virtual library. But, let’s see what this discipline is all about and what is its relevance in today’s world.

So, what is urban design? It is the study, interpretation, and design of public space in cities. It is a branch and specialization of architecture that is based on its application of criteria of functionality, aesthetics, and physical aspects.

Urban design must consider three main elements: physical space, architectural design, and street furniture. This means that it does not focus only on buildings but on more general aspects such as facades, squares, parks, gardens, and even signs and everything that occupies public spaces.

Dare to learn more about this discipline with more than 15 urban design books in PDF format that we offer in this section. In just a few seconds, you will be able to see your favorites downloaded to your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Urban Design Books:

Defining the Urban Design Process: A theoretical perspective

Ahmed S. Abd Elrahman and Moureen Asaad

Urban Design Element

City of San Diego

Urban Design Concepts (Article)

City of Ann Arbor’s

The Formation of Urban Design Theory in Relation to Practice

Hooman Foroughmand Araabi

An Introduction to Urban Design (Article)

Ilene Watson

Introduction to urban planning and design (Presentation)

Arc Seminar

Urban Design History (Presentation)

Grigor Doytchinov

The history of urban planning

Hildegard Schröteler-von Brandt

Urban transformations: a history of design ideas

Julienne Hanson

A Short History of Urban Form (Presentation)

Huckabee College of Architecture

Urban design

School Of Architecture Sathyabama

The Role of Urban Design in Developing Communities

Bob Giddings

Urban Design Case Studies

Ministry for the Environment Matu Mo Te Taiao

Urban Design Guidelines

The Government Of The Hong Kong

Urban Design Manual - A best practice guide

O’ Mahony Pike and MacCabe Durney

Urban Design Guide


Here ends our selection of free Urban Design books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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