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Dance is an artistic expression of relevance to all cultures of the world, so we could not fail to include it as a topic for our free collection. Delight yourself with our dance books in PDF format and thus begin your research on this interesting genre, which together with theater uses the body as a channel of expression.

If you are a dancer, choreographer or researcher of this art, you will want to consult books that give you a solid base to carry out a more in-depth study. This is why we encourage you to review this compilation of books on dance and thus begin the adventure that dance knowledge can give you.

Follow your passion for the world of dance, an art that uses the body as a wonderful means of expression of concepts, ideas, emotions, beliefs, as well as rhythms born of popular wisdom.

Dance constitutes a part of the cultural heritage of peoples, in any of its genres and establishes a specific code for its communication to the public. From it are born from the most primitive forms, such as rituals, to the most delicate creations of the fine arts.

Coming from the viscera or the intellect, dance can be appreciated as an authentic manifestation of art in humanity. In the form of a piece or choreography, the dance work can reach the most intimate of the emotion of a spectator. It is in that connection where the artistic fact is consummated and unforgettable encounters are gestated, inside or outside the stage.

If you are passionate about this artistic manifestation full of beauty, do not hesitate to take a look at our collection of more than 20 books on dance in PDF format.

From various authors, these books will help you to better immerse yourself in it, in a more structured way, with relevant information to start a deeper study and to know its history.

Basic Dance Books

Music and dance in time Interweaving Realities In Performing Arts

Jerusalem Academy

The Movement of Dancing Cultures

Hélène Neveu Kringelbach and Jonathan Skinner

Dance An Introduction

Various aurhors

Contemporary Dance Books

Contemporary dance was born as an alternative to classical movements, and as a need for artists to be able to move in a much freer way.

In this dance the expressions are essential, and always want to express a feeling, an idea or an emotion, but making use of modern or current body movements.

In this series of Contemporary Dance Books you will learn all the details of this wonderful artistic expression.

Exploring the abstract language of comtemporary dance in order to create emotional states/nuances

Various aurhors

A Guide to Interpreting Contemporary Dance

Natalie Cenci

The Handy E-book of Contemporary Dance History

Creative Academy

Folkloric Dance Books

Folkloric dance is a style that describes an artistic expression performed by people who have learned it by inheritance or tradition, and not by innovation.

Generally, each region, city or country has its own dance that is known as folkloric. If you want to know how different cultures express themselves in dance, this set of Folkloric Dance books we have selected for you can describe it.

Folk Dance

Tallinna Ülikool

Folk dance as a tool of mutual communication with regard to primary education

Miriam Uhrinová, Mária Kožuchová, Jozef Zentko

Dance: A Survey (2) Folk Dance Forms

Various aurhors

The Folk Dances of Bengal

Gurusaday Dutt

Modern Dance Books

What is known as modern dance is a style of dance that is based entirely on the particular perspective of each dancer or choreographer. 

There are several types of modern dance that are known today. Among them are Hip-Hop, Funky, Electro dance, Shuffle, Tribal, Jazz funk, Moonwalk, Jumpstyle, to name a few. 

To learn more about this style of dance and its types, you can enjoy some of the modern dance books that we present to you in this opportunity.

The Modern Dances

Caroline Walker

Modern Dance

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The history of modern dance

Michelle Thompson, Frank Shott

Aerial Dance Books

Aerial dance is one of the most popular types of dance that has gained popularity in recent years.  

Also known as aerial silks or aerial gymnastics, it combines various sports and artistic disciplines such as contemporary dance, acrobatics, circus arts, theater and ballet. All these elements are united through choreography. 

All the details of this beautiful style of artistic expression can be found in the aerial dance books that we present to you.

Aerial Dance: Under the Sea

Miranda Cooper

Appendix N 2 compulsory exercises Aerial hoop

International Air Athletics Association

Arabic Dance / Belly Dance Books

Arabic dance, belly dance, Egyptian dance or oriental dance is the result of the combination of several traditional and ancient dances, originating from the Near East, and others from Greece and North Africa.

It is a very basic type of dance in which virtually no movements are performed, and mainly pelvic movements are executed.

Although mastering these movements can be somewhat demanding, it is certainly a very interesting dance. If you wish, you can learn much more about this dance in the Arabic Dance / Belly Dance books in this section.

Belly dance student guide

Shemiran Ibrahim

10-Minute Workout: Belly-Dance Away Ab Flab

Jocelyn Anderson

Transformation in Belly Dance: Movement, Rhythm, Ritual, and Connection

Hillary Elise Posey

The Global Transformation of Belly Dancing

Ashley M. Popp and Chia-Ju Yen

Beyond the Belly: An Appraisal of Middle Eastern Dance (aka Belly Dance) as Leisure

Angela M. Moe

Belly Dance as a Means of Dance Therapy for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Nadia De Leon

Well, this was our selection of Dance books in PDF format. We hope you liked it!

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