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In our desire to continue to provide a window for reading, we have created a list of free books in which we discuss everything concerning such a vast and well-known subject as music. All the books we have collected for you are in PDF format, for your greater benefit.

What we know as music, like any artistic manifestation, is a cultural outcome that has diverse objectives, among which we can mention causing an aesthetic experience in the listener, expressing emotions, feelings, thoughts, circumstances or ideas. Likewise, it has included among its purposes a therapeutic function of great importance through music therapy.

On the other hand, music is also an important factor in the cognitive development of the human being. In addition, it helps with language acquisition, mathematical logical thinking, psychomotor development, learning non-native languages, interpersonal relationships, and strengthening emotional intelligence among others.

Thanks to all this, it is considered that music should be part of any current public education plan, and should be recognized as a mandatory or essential subject in basic education.

In this opportunity we have selected more than 20 books about Music in PDF format, so you can have access to all the information related to the subject.

On the other hand, we have included books in Spanish and Portuguese, so that you have the opportunity to enjoy reading in any of these languages.

It is also important to note that all the books that make up our selection are in the public domain or have been released for free distribution.

Basic Music Books

Music theory

Various authors

Understanding Basic Music Theory

Catherin Schmidt-Jones

Music Theory

Andy Schmitz

Music Theory

Cadets Canada

Basic Music Theory for Adult Beginner-Level Piano Players

Lawrence Martin

A Practical Guide to Musical Composition

Alan Belkin

How to Read Music

Leon Harrell

Music Theory Study Guide for Prospective Music Students

Dr. Richard Byrd

Music Theory Advanced Level

Jeff Berkeley

Music Theory Fundamentals

John Ellinger

Music Therapy: An Overview


Practical Music Theory for Guitar Players

Dale Cotton

Keyboard Handbook

Andersonstown Traditional & Contemporary Music School

Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People

Toby W. Rush

Music Books for Children

Music provides us with a number of cognitive benefits and is also a tool that allows us to socialize with our environment. A world without melodies would lack harmony, joy, rhythm and entertainment.

Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that music is very important for children, especially if they actively participate by singing, dancing or playing an instrument.

For all these reasons, we have made a selection of music books for children, with the idea that the smallest of the house can know much better all that this artistic discipline can offer them.

Guitar lesson plans

Little kids rock

Winning Woodwinds! Beginning Band Method Book Supplement for: Flute

Catrina Tangchittsumran-Stumpf

Teaching Music Theory to Young Children

The Fun Music Company

Simple Instructions and Songs for Bamboo Flute

Rod & Ginger Baird

Music Books for Primary School

The benefits of music can be reinforced or maximized if we allow children to continue learning from and with music throughout their primary education.

Music books for primary school cover a range of topics that facilitate the development of musical skills, which can be strengthened over time.

In these texts, activities, advice, guidance, practice and quality content combine to provide children with great notions about music.

Music. Arts Education Teacher Guidelines

Government of Ireland

A Little Class Music: A practical guide for non-specialist primary teachers

Angela Jaap

Classical Music Books

Classical music can become a great ally for people of any age. Not only does it act as a relaxation tool and a strong stress fighter, but it is also a beautiful way to enjoy melodies and rhythms.

For those who wish to learn or reinforce their knowledge of this musical style, we present a selection of classical music books.

With information and facts of great interest, these texts are worthy of being in your personal library.

History of Classical Music

St. Benedict's High School

Historical periods, musical styles, and principal genres in western music

Potsdam Estate University of New York

Music of the Classical Period 1750 - 1825

Forest Hills High School

Here ends our selection of free Music books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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