15+ Colorimetry Books for Free! [PDF]

Colorimetry is the scientific term used for the measurement of color by analyzing the concentration of particular compounds in different types of chemical solutions. It aims to replace subjective interpretations of color with objective measurements. Looking for colorimetry books in PDF format? You will love this section.

Because color is a phenomenon of light, its perception depends on three things: the type of illumination, the optical properties of the object in question, and human vision. Colorimetry makes it possible to quantify these three elements and introduces the figure of the observer and other resources to unambiguously define color. 

Although there are other more effective measurement systems, such as spectrometry, color meters provide more important information. In addition, the food industry benefits greatly from these meters, especially for quality control in their production lines.

The colorimeter is an instrument that provides full-range spectral information, which means that they are most suitable when looking for quick data without much analysis.

If you want a deeper understanding of how to apply this scientific technique, don’t miss our collection of more than 15 colorimetry books in PDF format.

Here we present our complete selection of Colorimetry Books:

1) The Basics Of Color Perception and Measurement


2) Colorimetry (Article)

Shehreen Akhtar

3) A Guide to Colorimetry

Sherwood Scientific

4) Colorimetry: Quantitative Analysis with Light (Article)

John R. Amend and Dale A. Hammond

5) A simple colorimeter based on microcontrollers to detect food dyes

Yulkifli, D A Wulandari, R Ramli, S B Etika, and C Imawan

6) Colorimetric detection and determination of Fe(III)...

Miriam Trigo-López, Asunción Muñoz, Saturnino Ibeas and others

7) Colorimetry and Spectrophotometry (Technique)


8) Television colorimetry elements


9) Digitization of colorimetric measurements for quantitave analyses using a smartphone

Manuel Agudo Acemel

10) Introduction into Colorimetry and Spectrophotometry


11) Colorimetric Determination Of Manganese

(INT), University of Washington

12) Determination of Phosphorus by Semi-Automated Colorimetry


13) Colorimetry, Theory

Alison Gilchrist and Jim Nobbs

14) Colorimetry

Jean-Marc Breteau

15) The Construction of Colorimetry

Sean F. Johnston

16) Colorimetry & Spectrophotometry

Ninevah University

Here ends our selection of free Colorimetry books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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