15+ Typography Books for Free! [PDF]

Typography can be defined as the art of organizing texts and letters in such a way that the content or final product is clear, legible, and represents a visual appeal to the reader. To talk about typography is to talk about fonts, structure, and appearance, among other concepts that you will find in our section of books that talk about typography in PDF format.

Typography is, in essence, what gives a visual identity to the text, and its main purpose is to generate emotions and send messages. However, analyzing typography is much more than choosing attractive fonts, as it also allows you to establish a solid hierarchical presence in visual terms, providing balance and creating the tone of the product.

In a world where web presence is essential for any business, brand, or individual looking to grow professionally, choosing the right typography can enhance the personality of products and content. In addition, the user easily associates the font type of, for example, your website, with your brand.

An advantage of typography is that it helps to keep the reader’s attention on the text. When you choose good typography, such a decision could increase the time an average user spends on your website.

If you create a typeface and use it recurrently in your presentations, you create harmony, an essential element of typographic design. Using the same font for different contents represents continuity and order, two attractive elements for your purposes. Do you want to know more? Visit our more than 15 books about typography in PDF format.

Here we present our complete selection of Typography Books:

A Basic Introduction to Typography

NH Athletics



Typography as a statement of Design

Preeti Yadav, Prof. Debkumar Chakrabarti and Dandeswar Bisoyi


AIGA Minnesota

Typographic Anatomy

Jessica Hische

Anatomy Of Type


Typography and Its Implementation on Websites

Yufei Ou

Typography Basics

Alessando Segalini

Introduction to typography design

fridge door gallery

Typography as a mediator of art, space, memory and presence on toponymy

Tiago José Miranda-Dos Santo



Understanding typography concepts

John Sappington

Type and Typography

Center for Arts & Language

Meet your type a field guide to love & typography (Presentation)



Jason Smith

CSS Typography - Design for web content (Presentation)

Oliver Reichenstein

Here ends our selection of free Typography books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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