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Explore the intersection between art and technology, discovering the techniques, concepts, and masterpieces that have revolutionized this form of creative expression.

From digital illustrations to animations and 3D design, our catalog covers various aspects of digital art, providing you with a comprehensive view of this exciting discipline.

Dive into an ocean of creative possibilities with digital art. From image manipulation to the creation of virtual worlds, this subject encompasses a wide range of techniques and styles.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or an art enthusiast, our free PDF books offer you a complete introduction to this modern and exciting form of expression.

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Books on Digital Art in PDF

Digital Painting Techniques

Denis Zilber

Digital Painting Techniques is a comprehensive collection of artwork and techniques from top digital artists worldwide, showcasing the latest trends in digital art. Provides tutorials and expert advice on developing character designs, creating custom brushes, and using matte painting techniques in digital art.

Anatomy for Character Design


Anatomy for Character Design is a brief overview of human anatomy and its application in character design. It explores the importance of understanding human anatomy for creating realistic and stylized characters, discussing proportions, body types, and the role of bones, muscles, and fat.

The Creation Process in Digital Art

Nelson Zagalo, Pedro Branco, Adérito Fernandes-Marcos

The Creation Process in Digital Art is a chapter discussing the complex process of creating digital art. It explores the use of computer technologies, the role of the artist and spectator, and the unique characteristics of digital art objects. The chapter highlights the integration of digital mediums and information content in the creation of digital artworks.

3D Digital Relief Generation

Meili Wang

3D Digital Relief Generation by Meili Wang is a thesis that explores the creation of digital reliefs as a more flexible and efficient alternative to traditional hand-made reliefs. The thesis presents methods for generating different types of reliefs, including bas reliefs, high reliefs, and sunken reliefs, using 2D images and 3D models.

Glossary of Digital Art and Printmaking

Digital Art Practices & Terminology Task Force

Glossary of Digital Art and Printmaking by the Digital Art Practices & Terminology Task Force (DAPTTF) is a comprehensive glossary providing definitions and explanations of key terms related to digital art and printmaking. It covers topics such as color models, resolution, algorithms, archiving, and more.

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