+25 Free Photography Books [PDF]



The topic we have selected today to include in our digital library is one of great interest and wide use in our time. On this occasion we will present you with a selection of free books on Photography.

On this subject we have collected a set of books in PDF format, to make it even easier for you to access and download.

It is known as photography the form of art that captures images using light to achieve it, projecting and fixing it in the form of images on a sensitive medium. The images obtained through this technique are called photos or photographs.

In our selection of books, you can consult information on etymology, process, history, how cameras work, applications, performance in the artistic field, copyright, and photography at present.

To deal with everything related to today’s subject, we have selected more than 25 books of Photography in PDF format with which you can be sure you will know everything you want to know about this artistic technique.

In addition, we have also included books in Spanish and Portuguese, in case you want to read about it in one of these languages.

As an additional point to highlight, we indicate that each and every one of the books of our selection, are in the public domain or have been transferred for free distribution.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Here we present our complete selection of Photography books:

#1. The Textbook of Digital Photography author Dennis Curtin | Source: Photo Course
#2. Guide To Photography author NatGeo | Source: National Geographic
#3. What Makes a Great Picture? author Alexei Efros | Source: Carnegie Mellon Computer Graphics
#4. The essential guide to digital photography author Bakar Chavanau | Source: Washington State Medical Oncology Society
#5. Lifehacker Night School. “The Basics of Photography” author Adam Dachis | Source: Toasterdog
#6. Basic Photography. Using a Digital Camera author Jongpil Cheon | Source: Texas Tech University

#7. Introduction to Photography author Carleton University | Source: Carleton University
#8. Photography 101 guide. Develop an eye for great photos! author Eric St-Pierre | Source: Uniterra

Photographic Lighting Books:

#9. Light and Photography author Abhey Singh | Source: D’source
#10. Studio Lighting Workbook
author Melanie Heinrich | Source: Instituto de Arte Universidade Estadual de Campinas

Image editing Books:

#11. Photoshop I – Basic Photo Editing Techniques author At Computer Labs. University of Florida | Source: University of Florida
#12. Image Editing with Photoshop author Heartland Community College | Source: Heartland Community College
#13. Photo Editing author Republic of the Philippines Department of Education | Source: mamshieaquino


Fine-art Photography Books:

#14. Intro to Fine-Art Black & White Photography: Notes & Musings author Andy Ilachinski | Source: Sudden Stillness
#15. A Journey “Back” into Black and White Photography author St. Mary’s Camera County Club | Source: St. Mary’s Camera County Club

Photography Business Books:

#16. 8 steps on how to build a successful photography business author Photography Talk | Source: Photography Talk
#17. Starting Photo Business author Photography Talk | Source: Photography Talk
#18. Study on wedding photography and Strategic business plan for wedding photography Studio author Jiashen Han. Jing Ning. Muhammad Kamran | Source: Diva

Street Photography books:

#19. 100 Lessons from the Masters of Street Photography author Eric Kim | Source: Eric Kim
#20. The Anti Manual of Street Photography author Michail Moscholios | Source: Moscholios

Children’s Photography books:

#21. 5- Step Checklist to save time in post and perfect your newborn photography in camera author Russ Jackson | Source: Amazon s3

Food Photography books:

#22. How to take stunning food photos author Learn food photography | Source: Broadway
#23. Capturing Delicious author Susan Voisin | Source: Fatfree vegan recipes

Photography for Sale books:

#24. Professional Photography author Pixelz | Source: Pixelz

Fashion Photography books:

#25. Intro to Fashion Photography author David J. Crewe | Source: Nevada Camera Club
#26. Fashion Photography and the Clothes Involved author Jodi A. Garcia | Source: Ttu Dspace

Here ends our selection of free Photography books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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