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With the idea of continue giving you the opportunity to acquire knowledge and information of your interest, we have made a list of free books about Painting.

All the chosen texts are in PDF format, so you can download and handle them more easily.

What we know as Painting consists of an artistic manifestation of a visual character, which uses a conglomerate of materials and techniques to represent on a given surface, a graphic composition according to certain aesthetic values.

Painting combines elements such as colors, shapes, textures, balance, harmony, light, perspective and movement. With this combination it seeks to transmit to the public, a beautiful experience.

A large section of the history of painting in both the East and the West is dominated by religious art. Some examples of this kind of painting range from artworks depicting mythological figures, to biblical scenes such as those covering the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and scenes from the life of Buddha, among many other images of religious character.

The information concerning the theme of painting is vast, and to help you enjoy the most relevant we have created this list of publications. Our select list is made up of more than 30 books on Painting in PDF format, where you can consult all the information you require, from the beginning of this artistic representation.

We also include books in Spanish and Portuguese, in case you prefer to read about the subject in one of these languages.

All the books are in the public domain, or were given for free distribution.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Here we present our complete selection of Painting books:

#1. Learn and Master Painting author Gayle Levée | Source: Learn & Master Courses by Legacy Learning Systems
#2. Eye Of The Painter author Andrew Loomis | Source: Alex Hays
#3. A Text-book of the History of Painting author John C. Van Dyke | Source: Survivor Library
#4. Historical Painting Techniques author The Getty Conservation Institute | Source: The Getty Conservation Institute
#5. Painting in the Dutch Golden Age author National Gallery of Art Washington | Source: National Gallery of Art Washington
#6. The Elements of Color author Johannes Itten | Source: Monoskop
#7. Treatise on Landscape Painting author Andre Lhote | Source: Dynamicsymmetryart.com
#8. Step by Step a Pastel Portrait author Emma Ralph | Source: Painting With Pastels
#9. Glossary of Art Terms author Cleveland Institute of Art College of Art | Source: Cleveland Institute of Art College of Art
#10. Glossary of Art terms & Definitions author Babel Linguistics | Source: Babel Linguistics
#11. Painting with Texture author Lincoln Ritter | Source: University of California
#12. The Painter’s Handbook author Netpublicator.com | Source: Netpublicator.com
#13. Important Art Movements To Remember author Institute of Creative Sciences | Source: SimpleSite


Oil painting Books:

#14. Painting A Face in Oils author 2paintminiatures | Source: 2paintminiatures.com
#15. How to paint with oil author Ghislain Bonneau | Source: Gbphotodidactical.ca
#16. The Painter in Oil author Daniel Burleigh Parkhurst | Source: Storyteller Artist

Watercolour Books:

#17. A (very) Brief Introduction to Watercolour author Boudrouaz Bilel | Source: Etudes Interculturelles de Langues Appliqées Université de Paris
#18. Secret Brush Skills for Watercolor Painters author Saint Joseph High School | Source: Saint Joseph High School

Acrylic Painting Books:

#19. Acrylic Painting author D’source | Source: D’source
#20. Acrylic Painting Technique author Swaderart | Source: Mrs. Swader’s Art Classes

Encaustic painting Books:

#21. Basic Encaustic Manual author R&F | Source: SquareSpace
#22. Enkaustic painting with hot wax author Creartec | Source: Creartec
#23. Exploring Encaustics and Encaustics Arts author Stitching and Beyond | Source: Stitching and Beyond

Tempera Painting books:

#24. Tempera Painting and Its Varieties author Universidad de Murcia Facultad de Bellas Artes | Source: Universidad de Murcia Facultad de Bellas Artes

Canvas Painting books:

#25. Canvas Painting author Teresa Thomas Bohannon | Source: Ladyweb.com

Here ends our selection of free Painting books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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