15+ Music Therapy Books for Free! [PDF]

Music has been present in humanity since ancient times. All mythologies, worldviews and cultures have to their credit some anecdote related to music. Its therapeutic effects have been studied and published in this century, being a new modality of use of this art.

Taking into account its influence on people, we have taken on the task of selecting the best books on music therapy in PDF format. We know that you will be interested in studying this alternative therapy increasingly used for the treatment of physical and mental conditions.

Music has been shown to have great power over human moods, cognitive abilities and behavior. As such, it can greatly help people’s general well-being. Much has been written about this “hypnotic” power in scientific literature, mythologies and narratives. With our books on music therapy, you can learn more about its evolution and benefits.

In this sense, music therapy is defined as the use of music and its elements to create physical and psychological well-being in patients with certain health conditions.

It seeks to achieve specific changes in the individual’s behavior, allowing them to integrate in a more functional way in society and in the way they relate to life and to themselves. It is considered both an art and a science, since it has objectivity and subjectivity and is both an intimate and a collective experience.

Music therapy can be practiced with anyone of any age to treat diseases and conditions such as Alzheimer’s, autism, dementia, psychiatric pathologies, behavioral problems and even HIV patients. It has positive effects on physiological, biochemical, motor, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual levels.

What are you waiting for to consult our collection? You can start with the first three suggestions in this section of more than 15 books on music therapy in PDF format.

Here we present our complete selection of Music Therapy books:

Music therapy research: A review of references in the medical literature

David Aldridge

Integral Thinking in Music Therapy

Lee, Jin Hyung

Effectiveness of music therapy: a summary of systematic reviews based on randomized controlled trials of music interventions

Hiroharu Kamioka, Kiichiro Tsutani, Minoru Yamada

Music Therapy: Educate and Advocate

Malka Niknmafard, Jennifer Mikhli, and Ilanit Zada

A Survey of Treatment Procedures in improvisational Music Therapy

Kenneth. E Bruscia

Music therapy intervention in cardiac autonomic modulation, anxiety, and depression in mothers of preterms: randomized controlled trial

Mayara K. A. Ribeiro, Tereza R. M. Alcântara-Silva, Jordana C. M. Oliveira

Community Music Therapy

Even Ruud

Music Therapy Increases Comfort and Reduces Pain in Patients Recovering From Spine Surgery

John F. Mondanaro, Peter Homel, Baron Lonner

Music therapy in neurological rehabilitation settings

Elzbieta Galinsk

How Music Affects the Brain

Deane Alban

Music Therapy and Other Music-Based Interventions in Pediatric Health Care: An Overview

Thomas Stegemann, Monika Geretsegger, Eva Phan Quoc

Music as Therapy (Article)

Kathi J Kemper, Suzanne C Danhauer

The Power of Music Therapy (Article)

Abigail Hagan

Music Therapy: A Useful Therapeutic Tool for Health, Physical and Mental Growth (Article)

Geeta Yadav, Sarita Yadav

Remembering through Music: Music Therapy andDementia (Article)

Melissa Owens

Music Therapy and Medicine (Article)

American Music Therapy Association

Music Therapy and Mental Health (Article)

American Music Therapy Association

Here ends our selection of free Music Therapy books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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