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Good accounting management in a company is essential for its success. Taking into account this relevance, we have created a collection of cost books in PDF format, with quality contents to learn how to correctly arrange the economic disbursements for the production of goods.

Mastering the art of defining costs is indispensable if you want to obtain good profits from the sale of products and/or services. Therefore, we recommend that you study with this compendium of cost books, it is a good way to start handling the basic concepts and methods for the definition of business costs.

A cost can be defined as the investment made to produce a good or create a service. This involves the payment of labor, the acquisition of inputs, administrative and production payments.

An expense should not be confused with a cost. Technically, a cost is an investment from which a future return or profit is expected. Expenses have no return or profitability. In other words, an expense is money that does not return, much less multiply, in contrast, costs come back multiplied.

There are many types of costs, namely: fixed, variable and semi-variable costs; direct and indirect costs; financial, labor, raw material, distribution and tax costs.

Want to learn more? You can download all the titles you need from our more than 15 cost books in PDF format. It is very important to master this subject, do not hesitate to consult this quality content that you can access for free.

Costs Books

Theory of Cost

Dr Sunita Srivastava

Preface to Cost Accounting Standard Board

Institute of Cost Accountants of India

Cost Concept

Jashbhai Maganbhai Patel College of Commerce

Cost Terms Concepts and Classifications

Bangladesh Open University

Cost Benefit Analysis Methodology

Pan American Health Organization

Accounting Standard (Article)

Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Fixed Cost Variable Cost Markups and Returns to Scale

Xi Chen,Bertrand M Koebel

Cost Variability and Cost Behaviour in Manufacturing Enterprises

Petr Novak,Boris Popesko

Best Practices Guide for Indirect Costing (Article)

Lipscomb University

CGIAR Cost Principles and Indirect Cost Guidelines


Charging of Direct and Indirect Costs Under Federal Grants Cooperative Agreements and Cost Reimbursement Contracts (Article)

University of Maryland

Fixed vs Variable Costs (Presentation)

Carl D Martland

Paper on Project Direct and Indirect Costs (Article)

Central Emergency Response Fund

Direct vs Indirect Costs (Article)

Bowling Green State University

Microeconomics (Article)

California State University

Production Cost Books

Production costs are those that encompass everything related to the maintenance of a project, transformation lines or maintenance equipment. It has to do with everything that generates assets for the company.

They are of utmost importance, because a good calculation of them guarantees a better control of the general costs of the company, so the professional in charge of it, usually an accountant, must be well prepared to do it in the best possible way.

Production cost has two opposite characteristics, the first is that to produce goods you have to spend, and the second is that you have to keep costs as low as possible, eliminating unnecessary costs.

The Production Costs


The Production Costs

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Theory of Production and Cost (Presentation)

Anugrah Narayan College

Production Costs (Presentation)

Ghislain Nono Gueye

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