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Continuing our work to facilitate access to interesting and useful information, we have created a compendium of free books about Personal Finance.

Each and every one of the texts are in PDF format for ease of use, and were carefully selected.

Personal Finance is about managing the money and assets of a person or family group. In other words, it deals with the management of all income, expenses, material goods, savings, investments, credits, insurance, etc.

The key factor in Personal Finance is financial planning, a dynamic process that requires constant control and monitoring. This process includes five steps:

  1. Evaluation: the financial situation of a person is analyzed and studied by compiling the information corresponding to liabilities, financial statements, accounts, assets, expenses and income.
  2. Definition of objectives: determining short, medium and long term objectives helps to plan for the financial requirements needed to meet them.
  3. Elaboration of the plan: it details how to reach the objectives. It could be planned to reduce unnecessary expenses, make investments, or increase work performance.
  4. Execution: to execute the plan requires perseverance and discipline, and sometimes professional help such as accountants, administrators, etc.
  5. Control and re-evaluation: the plan must be monitored to make adjustments if necessary.

Our selection is integrated by more than 25 books about Personal Finance in PDF format. We have included books in Spanish and Portuguese for you to choose the language of reading

All books were released for free distribution or are in the public domain.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Here we present our complete selection of Personal Finance books:

#1. Personal Finance author The Saylor Foundation | Source: The Saylor Foundation
#2. Personal Finances for Self-Reliance author The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints | Source: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
#3. The ultimate guide to personal finance author Ramit Sethi | Source: I Will Teach You To Be Rich
#4. Rough guide to Money and Savings author Sarah Pennells | Source: Legal & General
#5. Your Spending Your Savings Your Future author National Endowment for Financial Education | Source: Smart About Money
#6. Personal Finance Basics and the Time Value of Money author eNetLearning | Source: eNetLearning
#7. A Handbook for Personal Financial Management author Rubing Mao | Source: Theseus.fi
#8. Managing Your Personal Finances author Pearson Education | Source: Pearson Education
#9. Saving and Investing author Office of investor education and advocacy | Source: Securities and Exchange Commission
#10. Fundamentals of Personal Financial Management author Waterworth Wealth Advisors | Source: Waterworth Wealth Advisors
#11. Overview of a Financial Plan author Pearson | Source: Pearson
#12. Your Money Matters: An Adult’s Guide to Personal Finances (Presentation) author Oklahoma Money Matters | Source: Oklahoma Money Matters
#13. Your Money Matters: a guide to your personal finances author Oklahoma Money Matters | Source: Oklahoma Money Matters
#14. Personal Financial Planning author Jenks Public Schools | Source: Jenks Public Schools


#15. Introducing the fundamentals of financial planning author Raymond James | Source: Raymond James
#16. Personal Finance Principles: A Guide for Principles of Microeconomics Students author Lucas M. Engelhardt | Source: Lucas M. Engelhardt
#17. Money…What Youg Adults Need to Know author Rutgers University | Source: Rutgers University
#18. Personal Finances author Stephen J. Skripak | Source: Virginia Tech
#19. 12-Step Guide to Financial Success author Mapping Your Future | Source: Mapping Your Future
#20. Personal Financial Planning (Wealth Management) author S. Murali, K.R. Subbakrishna | Source: Himalaya Publishing House
#21. Creating a Personal Financial Plan author Missouri State University | Source: Missouri State University
#22. Managing Personal Finances (Presentation) author City of Los Angeles Personnel Department | Source: City of Los Angeles Personnel Department
#23. Money management (Presentation) author Boston College | Source: Boston College
#24. Money Management & Budgeting author Credit Canada | Source: Credit Canada
#25. Effective Strategies for Personal Money Management author Center for Personal Financial Education | Source: Collin College
#26. Savings Made Simple author Money Talks | Source: Money Talks
#27. 205 Ways to Save Money author Money Talks News | Source: Life or Debt

Here ends our selection of free Personal Finance books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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