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The behavior of money is an aspect of economics relevant to the management of resources in the world. From the smallest to the largest sphere, the use of money deserves attention. If you want to educate yourself on this topic, we recommend that you take a look at our collection of books on finance in PDF format.

Knowing how to use money wisely is always a good idea, whether it is the money of a company, a family or the state itself. Whether you are interested in this topic as a subject to study or to improve your own money management, our finance books will serve you for both purposes.

Finance is a branch of economics that deals with the study of money management. The control of expenses, income, investments and savings is the responsibility of this discipline. In this sense, having knowledge of this subject helps to make intelligent decisions about financial resources.

This area of economics has developed resources and tools for this decision-making to bring benefits, both in individual matters, such as what goods to buy, and in state matters, such as project financing.

Among the aspects that finance takes into account are: the profitability of investments, debt management, control of the loss of money due to inflation, risk assessment of tangible and intangible assets, among others.

There are basically four types of finance: corporate finance (management of corporate resources), personal finance (management of the financial resources of families and individuals), public finance (management of government resources) and international finance (study of international financial transactions).

We invite you to take a look at more than 25 finance books in PDF format, available and free to access.

Banking Finance Books

In order to contribute to the adequate management of resources, both personal and corporate, financial institutions offer tools through monetary intermediation, where they use the money deposited to grant it to other economic agents in the form of loans.

These instruments are known as accounts, debit and credit cards, mortgages, term investments, among others, which are used by customers in order to meet their specific financing needs and obtain development opportunities.

This economic world is known as banking finance, which studies mercantile movements offering users the optimal use of their financial assets, managing savings, providing advances for productive projects and participating in the payment system to settle commercial transactions.

Principles for the Management of Credit Risk

BIS - Bank for International Settlements

Basics of Finance

Gábor Kürthy, József Varga, Tamás Pesuth

Reading in Banking and Finance

Ammr Khalaf

How Unique are US Banks? - The Role of Banks in Five Major Financial Systems

Andreas Hackethal

Stock Market Finance Books

Within the administrative world, companies apply different strategies with the objective of maximizing their resources to obtain a better financial profitability, one of these mechanisms are the transactions they carry out in the stock market in different parts of the world.

These movements are called stock market finance and correspond to the operations that allow the purchase and sale of shares, securities and bonds by organizations, either physically or electronically, to promote investment opportunities and the economic growth of each institution.

Through these negotiations, whose behavior is different from banking, investors seek to guarantee the recovery of their money, since this market offers a regulatory environment that guarantees legality, transparency and security.

Financial Investments and Stock Markets

Capital Market Authority

Stock Market Development and Corporate Finance Decisions (Article)

Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, Vojislav Maksimovic

An Introduction to Financial Market Part-I for Class XI

Mr. Siddharth Bagri, Mr. G.C. Sharma, Mr. Ashok Wadhwa

Financial Markets

Valdone Darskuviene

Handbook on Basics of Financial Markets

National Stock Exchange if India Limited

Behavioral Finance Books

The correct management of money depends on the financial education received at home; however, it is a subject that is also observed from a psychic perspective, where the behavior of the individual and the causes that drive him/her to make decisions are analyzed.

Coming from the union between psychology, traditional economics and neuroeconomics, this study is known as behavioral finance, which evaluates the influence of emotions and feelings on people’s financial behavior.

In this sense, it analyzes the rationality of economic agents, the risk of the operations they carry out and the effect this has on the markets. In conclusion, this science is in charge of exploring the origin of the financial failures of subjects, based on their reasoning and affections.

Self Learning Material of Behavioural Finance

Sandeep Kour Tandon

Behavioral Finance Foundations for Investor

Michal Stupavsky

Behavioral Finance

Rajdhani College of Engineering & Management Welcomes You

Behavioral Finance

Jay R. Ritter

Corporate Finance Books

Business management is usually subject to change, as organizations seek to employ new strategies that favor their survival, expansion and growth, and in order to carry them out, it is necessary to make economic decisions.

These decisions are issued once the analysis of the corresponding variables has been carried out through the use of different tools, with the objective of maximizing shareholder value through the increase of capital, the subscription of negotiations and the evolution of the institution.

Corporate finance books describe guidelines that help in the evaluation of the elementary aspects that must be considered to decide the actions to be taken within the company, in order to find solutions, make it more sustainable and increase its production and value.

Training Module on Corporate Finance Management

Lalitha Mahal Road

Corporate Finance (Study notes)

Zhipeng Yan

Corporate Finance. What is it? (Presentation)

Aswath Damodaran

Finance Books for Young Adults and Teens

At a young age, the individual is still in the developmental stage, in other words, in full initiation of life. That is why parents worry that their children are not mature enough to manage the money they are given to cover their college expenses.

It is therefore essential that they learn to manage their expenses responsibly, opening the way to independence and using their decision-making capacity. This training can be obtained by consulting finance books for young adults and teens.

The literature in these texts offers the main suggestions and recommendations that teens should put into practice to manage their resources, such as learning to spend appropriately, being a responsible consumer, saving regularly, among others.

Financial Education for Youth


Young People and Money

Azure Media Player

Financial Readiness for Youth A Review of the Literature and Programs in the United States

Lynne M. Borden, Wilfrido Arias, Jr., MEdLeslie Bosch

Teens and Personal Finance Survey (Article)

Junior Achievement USA

Finance Books for Children

Just like good manners, basic money management is a process that is learned at home, with knowledge that is transmitted from parents to children, where they are taught the value of this asset, the correct way to obtain it and how to manage it.

Financial education for children is of great importance because it fosters responsibility in the youngest members of the household, where they learn to value the effort involved in obtaining resources, how to distribute them according to their needs and the habit of saving.

With the finance books for children, they will learn that to acquire money they only have to work, and they will also understand that it is only useful to pay for services, studies, buy food, clothes, goods and to pay for healthy entertainment; therefore, they will be prepared to differentiate between what is cheap and what is not.

The Complete Money Workbook

The Financial Literacy Committee of the New York State Society of CPAs Nassau Chapter

The Ultimate Online Financial Literacy Resource for Teaching Kids about Money

Life and a Budget - Better Finances. Carefree Living

Teaching Children Money Management

Melanie D. Jewkes

Finance Books for Couples

Life as a couple, in addition to love, patience, respect and tolerance, requires individual goals that go hand in hand, along with the establishment of rules to protect the common patrimony, based on transparency about the income and debts that each one has.

The correct management of the couple’s finances is necessary to reduce the number of conflicts in the economic area of the relationship, for this it is important to establish priorities and responsibilities regarding the coverage of expenses, security and emergencies of the new family.

Likewise, it is essential to follow up on financial obligations, allocate a percentage of resources to a savings fund, and plan for the short, medium and long term, among other aspects. It is as simple as working together to acquire that dream home.

Couples financial management and marital quality: A phenomenological inquiry

Emily Sorenson

Control over Money in Marriage

Frances Woolley

Marriage and Money How do we combine our finances? (Presentation)

Kansas State University

Money and Marriage: A Spending Plan (Article)

Josephine Turner, Nayda I. Torres, Vervil Mitchell

Financial Administration Books

In the field of economic sciences, there is a discipline that is in charge of employing strategies, techniques and methods with the objective of exercising the correct management of money, both to maximize the capital of a company and to teach the individual to establish the order of his own resources.

This area is known as financial administration, and is the science that seeks to optimize the finances of organizations to achieve their objectives, as well as to increase profitability and administrative efficiency.

Likewise, its application in daily life helps to plan, control, produce and direct personal accounts, in order to acquire responsibility and commitment to promote conscious consumption, learn to save and forge greater well-being.

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Personal Finance Books

Managing money is not a difficult task, however, there are people who have difficulties when it comes to optimizing their resources according to the different obligations and responsibilities they have at home, as well as the basic needs, payment of services, rent, among other expenses.

In the personal finance books any individual will find a guide to give the proper management to their income and learn to establish priorities in their lives, such as protecting their health, investing in a college career, complying with taxes, having liquidity, among others.

In addition, you will learn the methods and tools to carry out this process, such as banking instruments (accounts, debit and credit cards, funding, etc.), investments and insurance (life and accident insurance).

| To access the collection of books on Personal Finance we invite you to visit: Free Personal Finance Books [PDF].

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