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The importance of sculpture goes far beyond the aesthetic or ornamental, it is part of the great heritage of humanity and, as such, deserves to be appreciated and studied. That motivated us to create this collection of Sculpture books in PDF format, to facilitate research on this charming plastic art.

Throughout history, there have been exponents of great relevance for this art, among them emblematic figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo. Learn by reading our sculpture books how these artists came to enchant both politicians and religious people with their carving and sculpture techniques.

Through sculpture, majestic works have been created, which for many centuries had ritual, religious or political purposes. Today, their purposes are more aesthetic and of appreciation of the work of art itself, under a conceptual work that structures it.

In general, sculpture is defined as the art of carving stone, sculpting, chiseling or molding forms through various materials. Among them are stone, metals, clay and resin. Today, however, the concept has expanded, making it more complex. Many artists, today, make assemblages and installations that are also considered, to a large extent, true sculptures.

Learn the techniques, materials, function and history of one of the most appreciated fine arts in previous centuries. And while it may not have the same meaning today, it is still a way of expressing an artist’s ideas and emotions. It’s time to repopulate museums with the best of current and historical sculpture.

We encourage you to review our more than 15 sculpture books available, free of charge, for your enjoyment and to expand your knowledge on this interesting subject.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Here we present our complete selection of Sculpture books:

1) Masterpieces of the J. Paul Getty Museum

Autor: Los Angeles THE J. Paul Getty Museum

Fuente: Getty

2) Conserving Outdoor Painted Sculpture

Autor: The Getty Conservation Institute Los Angeles

Fuente: Getty

3) Polychrome Sculpture

Autor: Kate Seymour

Fuente: International Council of Museums

4) Sculpture of the twentieth century

Autor: Museum of Modern Art

Fuente: The Museum of Modern Art

5) Lives of the Most Eminent Painters Sculptors and Architects

Autor: Giorgio Vasari

Fuente: Traveling in Tuscany

6) Technical Observations on the Sculptures from the Temple of Zeus at Olympia

Autor: John Younger, Paul Rehak

Fuente: ResearchGate

7) Soft Sculpture

Autor: Lucina Ward

Fuente: National Gallery of Australia

8) Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math

Autor: Steven Tobin

Fuente: Learn with the Michener Art Museum

9) What is-Sculpture?

Autor: Irish Museum of Modern Art: IMMA

Fuente: Irish Museum of Modern Art

10) Artists and their Artworks

Autor: Alcoa

Fuente: Sculpture by the Sea


11) Art in our Midst: Columbus – African American Sculptors to Know

Autor: The Sculpture Center

Fuente: The Sculpture Center

12) Architectural sculpture

Autor: Tomasz Kozlowski

Fuente: ResearchGate

13) Unmasking a wild man: scientific analysis of Bertoldo di Giovanni’s Shield Bearer in The Frick Collection

Autor: Elena Basso, Federica Pozzi, Julia Day

Fuente: SpringerOpen

14) The Golden Beauty: Brain Response to Classical and Renaissance Sculptures

Autor: Cinzia Di Dio, Emiliano Macaluso, Giacomo Rizzolatti

Fuente: ResearchGate

15) Italian Renaissance Sculpture at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (Article)

Autor: Marietta Cambareri

Fuente: Squarespace

16) Sculpture: Definition & Techniques (Article)

Autor: Arts At Trinity

Fuente: Arts At Trinity

17) Sculpture Vocaboulary (Article)

Autor: Sculpture Tour Eau Claire

Fuente: Sculpture Tour Eau Claire

18) Michelangelo’s David-Apollo (Article)

Autor: National Gallery of Art

Fuente: National Gallery of Art

19) Greek Sculpture

Autor: M.C.C. Edgar

Fuente: New York University

Here ends our selection of free Sculpture books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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