5 Bikepacking Books for Free! [PDF]

Discover the thrilling world of bikepacking with our collection of free books in PDF format.

Bikepacking combines the excitement of cycling with the adventure of hiking, allowing you to explore nature on two wheels.

Immerse yourself in practical guides, inspiring stories, and expert tips that will fuel your passion for bikepacking.

Unlock the knowledge and techniques to plan epic routes, pack efficiently, and embrace the freedom of self-supported bike adventures.

Start your download right away and embark on a journey of discovery.

Our wide range of books will expand your understanding of bikepacking and equip you for unforgettable experiences, all available instantly and hassle-free.

Books and Texts on Bikepacking in PDF

Bike touring basics

Grace Johnson

Bike Touring Basics by Grace Johnson is a guide that provides essential information for bike touring. It covers topics such as choosing a touring bike and gear, planning routes, finding accommodations, and inspiring stories from experienced cyclists.

Guide to Planning Your Bicycle Adventure

Mac McCoy, Alex Strickland

Guide to Planning Your Bicycle Adventure by Mac McCoy and Alex Strickland is a comprehensive guide that helps cyclists plan their bikepacking adventures. It covers topics such as choosing routes, organizing gear, getting road ready, and various styles of bicycle touring.

Bicycle maintenance made ridiculously easy

London Cyclist

Bicycle maintenance made ridiculously easy by London Cyclist provides essential information for absolute beginners on bike maintenance, including checklists, repairs, and automation tips.

Bike Basics

AAA Association Communication

Bike Basics by AAA is a guide providing essential information on bike safety, maintenance, and proper gear selection. It emphasizes the importance of wearing helmets, selecting the right bike size, and practicing cycling skills.

Nutrition for Cyclists

Pie Events

Nutrition for Cyclists by Pie Events is a guide that provides information on fueling before, during, and after cycling, emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition for cyclists' performance and recovery.

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