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Dive into the exciting world of tennis with our selection of free tennis books in PDF format.

Tennis is a sport of precision, strategy, and physical endurance that offers a fascinating study both on and off the court.

Our digital library covers everything from beginner’s guides to advanced analysis of technique and game strategy.

Downloading these books for free gives you the opportunity to deepen your understanding and appreciation of tennis, providing access to a wide range of knowledge at no cost.

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Books and Texts on Tennis in PDF

The Tennis Blueprint

Top Tennis Training

The Tennis Blueprint by Top Tennis Training is a comprehensive guide covering various aspects of tennis, including serving, forehand, backhand, volleys, strategies for singles and doubles, and more. It provides step-by-step instructions and tips to improve your tennis skills and techniques.

Special Olympics Tennis Coaches Quick Start Guide

Special Olympics

Special Olympics Tennis Coaches Quick Start Guide by Special Olympics provides essential information and guidance for tennis coaches. It covers topics such as planning training sessions, effective training principles, safe training sessions, practice competitions, teaching tennis rules, and more.

Introduction to tennis for adults

USTA Georgia

Introduction to Tennis for Adults by the United States Tennis Association provides a comprehensive guide for beginners, covering everything from the basics of tennis to court conduct, scoring, serving, and playing techniques. It is a valuable resource for adults who want to learn and understand the fundamental rules of tennis in an easy-to-follow format.


Tutorials Point

Tennis by Tutorials Point provides a brief tutorial on the basics of playing tennis, including an overview, playing environment, equipment, and rules.

100 (+1) Tennis Tips For Your Best Tennis

Cosmin Miholca

100 (+1) Tennis Tips For Your Best Tennis by Cosmin Miholca is a collection of tennis tips focusing on improving various aspects of the game, including forehand and backhand strokes, serve technique, and overall consistency. It provides practical advice for tennis players looking to enhance their skills and performance on the court.

Beginner’s Tennis Guide

John M Hancock

Beginner's Tennis Guide by John M Hancock is a comprehensive guide for beginners learning the game of tennis. It covers various aspects such as court conduct, serving, playing doubles, scoring, and includes a glossary of tennis terms.

Tennis Drill Sheet


Tennis Drill Sheet by USTA is a drill sheet that provides instructions and guidelines for various tennis drills focused on forehand and backhand crosscourt controls. It emphasizes developing consistency, placement, depth, spin, and angle during crosscourt rallies. The drills are categorized into different levels, allowing players to progress and improve their skills.

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