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Rugby is a fascinating sport that combines strength, strategy, and camaraderie in every match. Immerse yourself in the intricacies of this contact sport and uncover its rules, tactics, and the excitement that surrounds it.

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Books and Texts on Rugby in PDF

Laws of the game Rugby Union

World Rugby

Laws of the game Rugby Union by World Rugby is a comprehensive guide to the laws and rules of Rugby Union, including the playing charter. It provides information on various aspects of the game, such as the ground, the ball, teams, match officials, scoring, foul play, and offside.

Rugby coaching manual. High schools

Discovery Vitality

Rugby coaching manual. High schools by Discovery Vitality is a comprehensive guide for rugby coaches, covering analysis, pre-season preparation, conditioning, nutrition, game philosophy, and specific skills. It emphasizes the importance of structured development and long-term planning for players across age groups.

Handbook. As framed by world rugby

World Rugby

Handbook. As framed by world rugby is a comprehensive handbook that provides information on the organization, committees, regulations, and membership of World Rugby. It covers various aspects related to rugby, including governance, player status, anti-doping, disciplinary matters, and international matches.

Pre-season. Strength and conditioning for rugby

Ruck Science

Pre season. Strength and conditioning for rugby by Ruck Science is a 12-week rugby training program designed for pre-season. It covers areas such as hypertrophy, strength, power, aerobic fitness, and anaerobic fitness. The document emphasizes the need for rugby players to train like athletes rather than bodybuilders and highlights the importance of periodized training in accordance with the player's needs throughout the year.

Off-season. Strength & conditioning for rugby

Ruck Science

Off-season Strength & Conditioning for Rugby by Ruck Science is a guide that emphasizes the importance of off-season training for rugby players. It provides recommendations for rehab and pre-hab exercises, aerobic and anaerobic fitness training, basic strength development, and functional hypertrophy.

Introduction to Flag Rugby

Saskatchewan Rugby

Introduction to Flag Rugby by Saskatchewan Rugby is a guidebook introducing flag rugby, a non-contact variation of rugby. It provides easy-to-learn rules, promotes skill development, emphasizes physical literacy, and prioritizes player safety.

Rugby fitness training

Ben Wilson

Rugby Fitness Training by Ben Wilson is a guide that provides an overview of the fitness requirements for rugby players and offers exercises for different components of a conditioning plan. It emphasizes the importance of aerobic endurance, strength training, agility, and other key aspects of rugby fitness.

Rugby Renegade Nutrition Ebook

Rugby Renegade

Rugby Renegade Nutrition Ebook by Rugby Renegade provides essential information on nutrition for rugby players, emphasizing the importance of proper diet for muscle growth, recovery, and performance. It covers topics such as protein intake, carbohydrates, and the benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Junior Rugby Coaching Manual

Discovery Vitality

Junior Rugby Coaching Manual by Discovery Vitality provides information on coaching rugby for primary school children, focusing on skill development and safety. It aims to promote physical activity and health through rugby. The manual includes warm-up activities, practice planning, rules, and equipment explanations.

Mathematical Rugby

Burkard Polster, Marty Ross

Mathematical Rugby by Burkard Polster and Marty Ross is a document discusses mathematical models for determining optimal conversion kicks in rugby. It introduces the concept of using a hyperbola to find the optimal kicking point between the goalposts and explores incorporating the crossbar into the model.

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