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Reading is one of the richest sources of information we can enjoy; and it becomes an invaluable treasure if we can access it for free. Being able to enjoy books for free is an unparalleled opportunity, and that is why we bring you a wide selection of PDF texts on the Martial Arts.

This combative discipline has existed for hundreds of years, and there are countless writings and treatises on the subject. In Egypt, passing through Greece, Rome, Africa and Asia, Martial Arts have been known since ancient times.

Currently, the practice of Martial Arts is carried out by thousands of people around the world. Usually this discipline is learned and executed for health purposes, for personal development, for personal protection, to increase self-confidence, or as a mental discipline.

Due to their nature, martial or military arts encompass all classes or types of hand-to-hand fighting arts, as well as the use of traditional weapons (not firearms).

To satisfy reading enthusiasts who also practice martial arts, and for anyone interested in these combat tactics, we have prepared a list of books in PDF format about the subject. We also include books in Spanish and Portuguese in case you want to read about this beautiful art in those languages.

In these texts you will be able to know everything about the history, classification, the different approaches, the practice in different countries and the fundamental elements of the Martial or Military Arts.

These books have been assigned for free distribution or are in the public domain, so they can be used without any inconvenience and are fully available when you want.

Martial Arts Books:

Martial Arts and Well-Being

Carol Fuller and Viki Lloyd

International Wrestling Rules

United World Wrestling

Mixed Martial Arts: History, Physiology and Training Aspects (Article)

Tácito P. Souza-Junior, Bernardo N. Ide , Jeffer E. Sasaki, Rafael F. Lima, Cesar C. C. Abad, Richard D. Leite, Marcelo P. Barros and Allan C. Utter

American Jiu-Jitsu. The New Art of Self Defense

Len Lanius


Harry Skinner

Aikido Books:

Aikido is a martial art from Japan, which is based on the projection of the attacker’s energy against himself, one of its greatest exponents is Steven Seagal, who has achieved the last “dan” of this discipline, who has also demonstrated his techniques through films.

Like other martial arts, Aikido has its own rules of fighting and specific movements, which you can see in detail through the Aikido books we have available for you.

You can learn the basic positions of Aikido, the essential movements and how to practice it correctly and safely, as well as learn about its origin, scope and development throughout history.

Technical Aikido

Mitsunari Kanai

Pinner Aikido Club. Beginner's Guide to Training

Pinner Aikido Club London

Preliminary Aikido Exercises

Francisco Marques

Aikido Dictionary

Grigor Gatchev

Aikido Terms (Article)

Ku-ring-gai Aikido Dojo Sydney

Judo Books:

Martial arts are techniques used for self-defense, each one of them is specific and different, there are some that are used as a sport discipline, while others are exclusively to kill or harm the opponent.

Judo is a discipline that in our times is practiced as a sport, however it is just as lethal and dangerous as the others, it is based on the flexibility of the body, and the use of projections, where the opponents are thrown in different ways through the air and catapulted to the ground.

Nowadays, judo is also used as a complement to other similar disciplines, such as sambo and grappling. If you want to learn more about it you can consult the judo books we have at your disposal.

The Complete Book of Judo Throws

Ted Gambordella

Judo Manual

Yawara Judo Association (YJA)

Huntsville Judo Club Handbook

Huntsville Judo Club

Karate Books:

Karate is one of the most practiced martial arts worldwide, it provides good discipline and self-control to its disciples, in addition to training them integrally, so that its practitioners become calm and respectful people.

It is considered a source of personal satisfaction and self-improvement, where leisure does not exist, since it is replaced by training, and it is also for many a very healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about this art, you can read the karate books we have for you, you can download them in PDF format for free, and study in them the origin, techniques, the famous “kata”, the degrees of reach from white belt to black belt, and much more.

Practical Karate, again

Josep Claramonte

Wado Kai. Understanding the Journey. Student Manual for White Belt to Green Belt

Barry Lane

Comprehensive Karate: From Beginner to Black Belt

Michael J. Rosenbaum

Karate-do & jiu jitsu kyu manual

Classical Martial Arts Centre

Kyokushin Karate Books:

As karate is a philosophy of life, many people may have a different conception of it, and thus generate new currents or ramifications. This is what happens with Kyokushin karate, which is an extension or variation of traditional karate.

Its founder was Masutatsu Oyama, who in 1953 founded this martial art, which means “school of the highest truth” and is based on personal improvement through control of the mind and body.

As for its combat techniques, they are based on the effectiveness of real combat, so you do not learn traditional karate, but its practice is more focused on specific techniques. It currently has more than 40 million practitioners worldwide. To learn more about it you can consult the kyokushin karate books we have for you. 

Kyokushin Budo Kai. The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Shane Thomas

Kyokushin Terminology

Karate Syd If

Kyokushinkaikan kumite rules

International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan World Sokyokushin

Hapkido books:

Hapkido is a martial art originating in Korea, and is specifically aimed at military and civilian self-defense, so members of the Korean national army are expert practitioners of this martial art.

If you are a disciple or follower of hapkido, or simply want to learn about it, we recommend you to read the Hapkido books we have selected for you, which will help you understand what this discipline is all about.

Its main focus is not physical strength, it gives more importance to the movement of the body itself, flexibility, sensitivity, and especially the speed in the execution of each of the techniques. In hapkido, the disciple is also trained as a person prepared to defend their family and their country.

Hapkido Student Handbook

Daniel Marie

Master An’s Hap Ki Do Handbook

Nam Y. An, Richard An, Yoonchul Oh and Marc Hallee

Pressure Points 101

William Parsons

Taekwondo Books:

Many people often refer to taekwondo as the “art of kicking,” but the reality is that it goes beyond that. It is a Korean martial art in which two opponents fight barehanded, where punches and jumping kicks are its main feature.

It has many similarities with karate, however it is different, it is based on the elasticity of the individual as the main tool, serves as self-defense as it has specific techniques for it.

It is currently practiced as a sport all over the world, and has many benefits for the human body, such as cardiovascular endurance, increased muscular strength, improved coordination and increased reflexes. Through Taekwondo books you can learn more about this discipline.

Kildare Taekwon-do Dojang. Students Manual

Kildare Tae Kwon-do

Basic Knowledge of Taekwondo

Do-San Tervuren

Taekwondo Vocabulary (Article)

Mukilteo Martial Arts

Here ends our selection of free Martial Arts books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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