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Being fit should be a priority for everyone. Nowadays we appreciate good health and healthy lifestyles are promoted through different media. To contribute to this relevant aspect we have selected gymnastics books in PDF format that you can download for free in this section.

Gymnastics is a physical activity that has been practiced since ancient times, specifically since Ancient Greece. The body, by nature, needs to be in movement and this is one of the sports disciplines that allows a very varied public to benefit from it. Learn about this subject with our collection of gymnastics books in PDF format.

Gymnastics is, therefore, a sports discipline that seeks to provide strength and flexibility to the body, through specific exercise routines. It is a physical activity that can be developed professionally, but can also be practiced generally for recreation or as a personal exercise routine.

Currently, the International Gymnastics Federation governs and organizes this discipline in a professional manner. Gymnastics at this level is divided into the following types:

Aerobic gymnastics: is a competition where the athlete demonstrates strength and flexibility with exercises of a high level of difficulty that originate from aerobics. The routine lasts less than two minutes.

Rhythmic gymnastics: In both exhibitions and competitions, rhythmic gymnastics mixes dance, ballet and acrobatic movements, while using elements such as balls, ribbons or hoops.

Artistic gymnastics: Relying on apparatus such as the vault, bars, mat and rings, this gymnastics consists of simultaneous movement and speed tests.

Acrobatic gymnastics: This is a group discipline in which each participant relies on their partners to exhibit movements of great difficulty, such as jumps, somersaults, figures and pyramids.

There are also trampoline gymnastics and general gymnastics. The latter is not competitive, but is approved by the organizations involved in this sport.

We hope that this collection of more than 15 gymnastics books in PDF format will be of great use for your studies.

Here we present our complete selection of Gymnastics books:

Skill Analysis and Coaching


Unit Plan Gymnastics

Erin Calver,Lisa Appel,Ryan Deutsch

Flexibility and Functional Asymmetry in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Amanda Batista,Rui Garganta,Lurdes Avila

2022 2024 Code of Points

Webflow Forum

Gymnastics BC Strength and Conditioning for Gymnastics

Gymnastics BC

Artistic Gymnastics Terminology

Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Dance Steps Dynamic Elements with Rotation and Throw and Mastery Elements in Rhythmic Gymnastics Routines

Amanda Batista,Rui Garganta,Lurdes Avila Carvalho

A Question of Identity and Equality in Sports Mens Participation in Mens Rhythmic Gymnastics

Irene Kamberidou,Despina Tsopani,George Dallas

The Dance Creation for Rhythmic Gymnastics in the International Competition Leve

Naraphong Charassri,Ruksiney Acalasawamak

Training Intensity of Group in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Batista Amanda,Gomes Thayse Natacha,Garganta Rui

Aerobic Gymnastics (Article)

Gymnastics Ontario

Strength Training Fundamentals in Gymnastics Conditioning

James J Major

Strength and Conditioning (Presentation)

Scottish Gymnastics

Physical Preparation


Mental Toughness Training Manual for Gymnastics

John Lefkovits,David R McDuff,Jodi Morgan

Why Gymnastics (Article)

Wm A Sands

Lesson Plans Trampoline (Presentation)

Glacier Gymnastics Club

Gymnastics its not That Scary (Article)

The New South Wales Ministry of Health

Gymnastics (Presentation)

Masaryk University Information System

Here ends our selection of free Gymnastics books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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