25+ Soccer Books for Free! [PDF]

To add more options to our collection of free books, we have chosen as our main theme one of the most popular sports worldwide; we are talking about Soccer, known as the king of sports.

We have only included books in PDF format to make it even easier for you to access the information we share.

The game of soccer as we know it today was reinvented in England with the creation of the “Football Association”, whose rules are those that govern the game today. The governing organization of soccer is the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), and the most prestigious competition is the World Cup held every four years by that organization.

Soccer is played using a spherical ball handled by two teams of eleven players each (ten players on the field and a goalkeeper). The teams compete to get the ball into the opponent’s goal, thus scoring a goal. The team with the most goals at the end of the match is declared the winner, in case they score the same number of goals a draw is declared.

In Soccer, only goalkeepers can intentionally touch the ball with their hands or arms. The rest of the players can only use their hands on side kicks or throw-ins.

Our list of books on Soccer is made up of more than 25 texts in PDF format. We have included books in Spanish and Portuguese so that you can choose which language to read.

Soccer Books

1) Soccer Coaching Manual

La84 fundation

Source: La84 fundation

2) Skills and strategies for coaching soccer

Alan Hargreaves

Source: Buffaloschools

3) Laws of the Game


Source: FIFA

4) 300 Soccer Drills

Tom Sauder

Source: SportsTG

5) Practice plans & drills, goalkeeping


Source: Ngin

6) Positional Play in Systems

Jimmy Gabriel

Source: Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association

7) Game Changer

David Mcewen

Source: Simply Soccer Pro

8) Fun soccer drills that teach soccer skills

Alanna Jones

Source: Alanna Jones

9) Fatigue and Team Performance in Soccer

Vincenzo Scoppa

Source: International Zeolite Association

10) Fast Transition 3 v 3 Plus Keeper Game and Developments

Wayne Harrison

Source: Wayne Harrison

11) Football tutorial

Tutorials Point

Source: Tutorials Point

12) Soccer Coaching International’s Glossary of Soccer Terms


Source: SportsEngine

13) Soccer Specific Strength & Conditioning (Presentation)

Lower Island Soccer Association: LISA

Source: Lower Island Soccer Association: LISA

14) So You Want To Be A Soccer Player?

Dylan Tooby

Source: Carnegie Mellon University

16) Football coaching manual

FR Kit

Source: FR Kit

17) Soccer injuries (Article)


Source: Sportsmed

Youth Soccer Books

If you are a lover of sports and especially soccer, you must learn each of its rules, the corresponding regulations and the most common or popular plays.

On the other hand, if you are in the age corresponding to the youth category, you should know everything about this stage or league of professional soccer.    

Everything you want to know and learn about Youth Soccer, you can get it by consulting materials of excellent quality and with complete information about this sport practice.

18) Youth Football


Source: FIFA

19) US Youth Soccer Player Development Model

US Youth Soccer Coaching Education Department

Source: Morris United Soccer Club

20) Coaches Manual 3-5 year olds


Source: Ngin

21) Activity Guide for Aldi Miniroos

Play Footbal

Source: Play Footbal

22) 20 Games Guaranteed to Make Kids Smile


Source: SoccerClinics

23) Soccer drills and practice plans

Steve parker

Source: Steve parker

24) 4 Kindergarten Soccer Practice Guide

Mahomet Parks and Recreation

Source: Mahomet Parks and Recreation

25) Mini Soccer Games

EMSA MainSoccercoach

Source: EMSA MainSoccercoach

26) Youth Goalkeeping Techniques & Practices (Power point presentation)

Andy Reynolds

Source: The website for the English Football Association

Here ends our selection of free Soccer books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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