15+ Stretching Books for Free! [PDF]

Good health of the body depends on many factors, however, we tend to associate it with only two activities: nutrition and physical exercise. It is true that both are essential, but others are also relevant, so we have selected stretching books in PDF format, which are closely related, but are not exactly exercises.

Stretching is the lengthening or relaxation of the muscle taken beyond the length it has in contraction or at rest. It is an activity that requires great care, it cannot be done lightly, as poorly executed can cause injury. Therefore, we invite you to learn the techniques with our collection of stretching books in PDF format.

In the world of sports, we see how athletes perform stretching of the muscles, after warming up and before entering the physical exercise of more intensity. Opinions are divided as to whether they should be performed before or after exercise.

In the field of high competition, it seems that what works best is to do it in the manner described above. There is less risk of injury, as it reduces muscle stiffness, facilitates movement, benefits balance, posture and body awareness.

During sports practice, however, stretching should be done properly, so that, even if done in cold, there is no greater risk.

When you are an amateur or beginner, stretching cold muscles is not recommended. In fact, you can do the warm-up, then the strong exercise and, finally, the stretching. This is very conducive to relaxation and muscle recovery. This type of stretching is known as passive stretching.

Explore our collection of over 15 stretching books in PDF format, learn the best techniques and reduce the risk of injury. Remember to download it for free from this section of our virtual library.

Here we present our complete selection of Stretching books:

1) Mindful stretching Guide

University Health Services

2) Stretching

Office of Rehabilitation Research and Development

3) Stretching, Strengthening and Proper Body Mechanics for Your Lower Back and Neck

OrthoSC Myrtle Beach

4) Dynamic Stretches Guide

Special Olympics Resources

5) Cervical Spine Stretches

Chiropractor South Valley Chiropractic

6) A Patients Guide to Exercise and Stretching

Charcot Marie Tooth

7) NetballSmart Dynamic Warm Up (Presentation)

Netball New Zealand

8) LiveFIT Stretches For a Whole Body Stretch Routine (Article)

The Cardio Club and Delhi Dance Studio

9) Stretch Chart (Article)

MY Chiropractic Personalised Wellness

10) Lower Extremity Stretching Home Exercise Program (Article)

Aurora Health Care

11) Stretches for Lower and Upper Body (Article)

Books Library

12) Dynamic Stretching for Athletes (Article)

Dartmouth Hitchcock

13) Lower Body Stretching Protocol (Article)

UCSF Sports Medicine Rehab Resource Guide

14) Soccer Warm Up Stretching Exercises (Article)

WakeMed Health and Hospitals

15) Caregiver Assisted Leg Stretches (Article)

Resources for Brain Injury Stroke

16) Basic Stretching Routine (Article)

Regional Medical Center in Manchester Iowa

17) Upper Body Stretches (Article)

Delaware Technical Community College

18) Stretching 9 Benefits (Article)

Maine gov

19) Upper Body Stretches (Article)

Campus Recreation Nebraska

20) Low Back Pain (Article)

University Health Services

Here ends our selection of free Stretching books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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