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Discover the fascinating world of sports nutrition with our selection of free books in PDF format.

Sports nutrition is key to optimizing physical performance and achieving athletic goals.

In our books, you will find detailed information on balanced diets, nutritional supplements, proper hydration, and strategies to maximize your results in your chosen sport.

From practical guides to scientific research, each book offers a unique perspective that will enhance your understanding of the subject and help you enhance your athletic performance.

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Books and Texts on Sports Nutrition in PDF

Antioxidants in sport nutrition

Manfred Lamprecht

Antioxidants in Sport Nutrition edited by Manfred Lamprecht is a comprehensive guide that explores the role of antioxidants in sports nutrition. It covers topics such as oxidative stress, basic nutrition for athletes, major dietary antioxidants, sports supplements, and the impact of antioxidants on exercise performance, health, and immunity.

Sports Nutrition Toolkit

Lian Brown, Caroline Tarnowski

Sports Nutrition Toolkit by Lian Brown and Caroline Tarnowski, is a practical guide for qualified professionals working with athletes. It covers topics such as consultations, nutrition monitoring, interventions, meal planning, and more.

Sports Nutrition

California State University, Northridge

Sports Nutrition is a comprehensive guide that providing information on carbohydrates and protein for athletes. It covers the importance of proper nutrition for performance, recovery, and injury prevention.

Vegetarian and vegan diets for athletes

Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets for Athletes by GSSI provides an overview of vegetarian and vegan diets, their potential benefits, nutrient considerations for athletes, and practical applications. It discusses the various types of vegetarian diets, reasons athletes choose these diets, and highlights the importance of adequate energy intake and nutrient-rich foods.

Nutrition guide for athletes

Dale Grooms

Nutrition guide for athletes by Dale Grooms is a comprehensive guide on basic nutrition, hydration, sports nutrition, carbohydrate loading, weight management, iron intake, top sports foods, and supplements for athletes. It emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition for maximizing athletic performance and highlights the role of hydration in maintaining performance levels.

Nutrition Guide. Fueling for performance


Nutrition Guide. Fueling for Performance is a guide that provides general guidelines for optimizing dietary intake for sports competitors. It emphasizes the importance of carbohydrates as the primary fuel source for athletes and discusses the role of protein, fat, gut health, vitamins, minerals, supplements, fluids, and hydration in supporting athletic performance.

Youth Sport Nutrition

Intermountain Healthcare

Youth Sport Nutrition is a guide that provides information on fueling athletic performance through proper nutrition for adolescent athletes. It emphasizes the importance of macronutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, and fats, along with hydration techniques, for maximizing performance.

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