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Books and Texts on Hockey in PDF

USA Hockey Advanced Officials Manual

Matt Leaf

USA Hockey Advanced Officials Manual by Matt Leaf is a manual that provides guidance for advanced hockey officials. It covers topics such as personal appearance, physical conditioning, skating fundamentals, pre-game and post-game duties, conduct with players and coaches, and game management. The manual aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of officials in the sport of hockey.

USA Hockey Basic Officials Manual

Matt Leaf

USA Hockey Basic Officials Manual by Matt Leaf is a manual that provides comprehensive information and guidelines for ice hockey officials. It covers topics such as personal appearance, physical conditioning, fundamentals of skating, pre-game duties, positioning, penalty enforcement, and post-game responsibilities. The manual aims to educate and improve the skills of officials at all levels of the sport.


Tutorials Point

Hockey by Tutorials Point is a comprehensive tutorial that covers various aspects of playing hockey. It introduces the sport of hockey, its history, and its popularity across the globe. The tutorial outlines the team size and composition, providing details about the roles of goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and strikers. It also explains the playing environment, including ground design and dimensions. The tutorial further discusses hockey equipment, key terms used in the game, and provides insights into how to play hockey, including getting ready, game duration, and penalties.

Introduction to mini hockey

Field Hockey BC

Introduction to mini hockey by Field Hockey BC is an introduction to mini hockey, a smaller version of the game designed for young hockey players. It covers the technical and tactical skills learned in mini hockey, the benefits it provides, and includes testimonials from experienced players.

Minnesota Hockey Handbook

Minnesota Hockey

Minnesota Hockey Handbook by Minnesota Hockey is a handbook for the 2023-24 Minnesota Hockey season. It provides information on registration fees, tournament fees, age classifications, team rosters, insurance coverage, and various rules and regulations related to hockey in Minnesota.

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