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Boxing is a sport with a long history, being one of the oldest in the world. Therefore, we thought it was relevant to compile some Boxing books in PDF format, for the enjoyment of readers, for free. If you are passionate about sports, and more specifically boxing, you cannot miss this collection.

Boxing, like any other sport, has evolved over time and has had outstanding figures that make it the object of the attention of a large fan base. In our books about boxing you will find important facts about this sport, exciting for millions of people.

The history of boxing is very interesting and there are records of its practice, even in Ancient Egypt, passing through the time of the Greek and Roman Empire. It was included as an Olympic sport in the 7th century. It was not practiced with gloves, so the fights were really bloody in 18th century Europe.

Today, it is considered a sport practice like any other and the use of gloves, as well as the inclusion of strict rules, makes it safer than in previous times. Boxing has had great athletes such as Sugar Ray Robinson, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Julio César Chávez, among others. This has made it capture a large audience worldwide, positioning it as a millionaire industry.

Although it has had its detractors, for having violent melee assaults, the truth is that this has had no legal effect. Nowadays, it is also practiced as physical conditioning to obtain more cardiovascular endurance, muscle toning and, in general, to be fitter, although the hand-to-hand combat part is not included.

Learn a little more about this sporting discipline by taking a look at our more than 20 books on boxing in PDF that we have available for you today.

Here we present our complete selection of Boxing books:

Training Manual

USA Boxing, Grassroots Task Force

The Art of Boxing and Manual Training

William Edwards

Boxing and Barbells

Cary Williams, Damien Patrick

Train Like a Champion


Boxing Canada Long-Term Athlete Development

Boxing Ontario

Kickstart Your 2020

Boxing Science

Punch Harder 4 Steps Towards a Harder Punch

Boxing Science

Focus on Coach Talk

Sports Culture and Communication Research Collective

Making Weight in Boxing How to do it better (Presentation)

Dr.KienTrinh, Dion Diep

Maximal punching performance in amateurboxing

Stanley, Edward, R

Innovative Methods in Boxing training

Ondrej Chudoba

Lacing Up the Gloves: Women, Boxing and Modernity

Irene Gammel

BOXING - Strength and Conditioning for Professional Boxing

Alan Ruddock, Dave Hembrough

Insurrectionary Womanliness: Gender and the (Boxing) Ring

Melanie J. McNaughton

Rules & Regulations of the World Boxing Council (“WBC”)

World Boxing Council

Strength and Conditioning for Professional Boxing: Recommendations for Physical Preparation

Dave Hembrough, Alan Ruddock, Steve W. Thompson

Boxing: Boxing Austrália Inc. (Article)

Australian Human Rights Commission

Boxing/Kickboxing Lesson Plan Template (90 minutes) (Article)


Boxing and Wrestling Eating for your sport (Article)

Claire Turnbull

Food for your Sport-Boxing (Article)

Sports Dietitians Australia

Aiba International Competition Boxing Ring (Article)


Here ends our selection of free Boxing books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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