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Weightlifting is a sport that combines strength, technique, and determination. In our collection, you will find a variety of books covering everything from the fundamentals of weightlifting to advanced weightlifting techniques.

Learn about proper execution of lifts, training planning, and the secrets of champions.

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Books and Texts on Weightlifting in PDF


Tutorials Point

Weightlifting by Tutorials Point is a comprehensive tutorial that provides an overview of weightlifting. It covers the governing rules of the sport, the equipment and apparel used, and showcases notable champions. The tutorial is designed to be accessible for beginners, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of weightlifting.

Strength Training

James Clear

Strength Training by James Clear, is a document that explores the principles of strength training and shares insights from the story of Milo of Croton, an ancient wrestler. It emphasizes the importance of starting with manageable weights, being consistent with workouts, and making gradual progress.

IWF technical and competition rules & regulations

International Weightlifting Federation

Technical and Competition Rules & Regulations by IWF is a document outlining the technical and competition rules for weightlifting events. It covers various aspects such as participants' age groups, bodyweight categories, lifts, venue and equipment requirements, athletes' outfit, competitions, proceedings of an event, technical officials, records, ceremonies, and provisions.

Technical and competition rules

International Weightlifting Federation

Technical and competition rules by the International Weightlifting Federation is a set of technical and competition rules and regulations for weightlifting. It outlines age groups, bodyweight categories, and the two lifts recognized in weightlifting: the snatch and the clean & jerk.

Technical & Competition Rules and Regulations


Technical & Competition Rules and Regulations by British Weight Lifting provides the technical and competition rules for weightlifting events, including age groups, bodyweight categories, lifts, venue requirements, participants' outfit, competition structure, and technical officials.

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