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Movement, rhythm, speed and flexibility are aspects of physical activity that should not be missing in our daily lives. Not for nothing has it been included as a compulsory subject in schools for a century. Learn everything related to this subject with our excellent collection of physical education books in PDF format.

The importance of physical activity has been with us for as long as human beings have existed on earth. There is no way to ignore that relevance and not practicing it can wreak great havoc on our bodies. That is why we want to encourage the love of movement with our collection of physical education books in PDF format.

Physical education is a discipline that works with the human body from physical fitness and pedagogy. It seeks to promote both physical and mental health and hygiene. It is a compulsory subject in both primary and secondary school.

Physical education classes are taught by a professional instructor, generally with a university degree that accredits them to exercise the teaching profession in the area. This professional has extensive knowledge in biology, health and human anatomy. They know how to teach and help students to exercise correctly.

The importance of this branch of teaching lies in the fact that it contributes to the integral development of the individual. In this sense, it helps us to eliminate the sedentary lifestyle as a frequent habit in our routines, students learn to occupy their free time positively, promotes an active and dynamic life, as well as increases cognitive and emotional abilities.

Although both disciplines provide many health benefits, physical education should not be confused with sport. Physical education is an educational discipline that serves as training for the practice of sports. Sport is part of physical education, although not as a professional practice. Sport is to physical education what calculus is to mathematics.

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Get fit & flourish. Enhanced Physical Activity Manual

Sandra Noel

Exercise & Physical Activity


Growing Stronger

Rebecca A. Seguin, Jacqueline N. Epping, David M. Buchner

Best Practices for Physical Activity

Denise Hughes

Workout to Go


The Physical Activity Guidelines for Children and Adolescents (Presentation)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Definitions of Physical Activity, Exercise, and Fitness (Article)

University of Houston

Physical Education (Article)


Exercises for older people

National Health Service

Physical Education Vocabulary (K-12)

Smith-Green Community Schools

Physical Education Books at Home

Physical education at home is an activity that should not be neglected, it is necessary that children, youth and adults can train if possible about three times a week at home, this will keep them in good physical condition and very healthy.

However, organizing physical activities at home is not easy, so it is often necessary to consult books or exercise manuals to know what activities to do.

Among the benefits of doing physical exercise at home are the following: It reduces the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, improves sleep, helps personal relaxation, fights depression, tones muscles and corrects back posture.

Physical Education at Home 2021

Chase Terrace Academy

Active Home Physical Education: 9-12 Fitness Knowledge

PEN Curriculum Mapping Project

Home Strength Training Program

University of Pennsylvania

Physical Activityand PE at home (Article)

Youth Sport Trust

McLean School Physical Education Home Workouts (Article)

McLean School

Teenagers can also take exercise at home (Article)

Istituto Superiore di Sanità

Preschool Physical Education Books

Preschool is a very nice stage for children, who are delighted to go to class to learn new things and have fun with their friends. Among all the things they can do in class, physical education is one of the things they like the most, since for them it’s all about running and jumping.

Preschool physical education is one of the most difficult activities for teachers to prepare for, as they have to coordinate the things that each of the children will do and make sure that they do them correctly.

Physical education for children is a very important recreational activity that teaches them discipline and physical skills, as well as being a fun time for them.

Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport for Children and Young People

Department of Education and Skills

A Public Service of Elementary (K-5) Instant Activities

Open-Online Physical Education networks

Physical Activity Guide for Children Aged 2 to 6


Underarm Rolling (Article)


Underarm Throwing (Article)


Dribbling with Long Implement (Article)


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