15+ Swimming Books for Free! [PDF]

Did you know that swimming is a very ancient practice? There are records of it in the Stone Age, as reflected in rock art. We invite you to expand your knowledge of this discipline of remote origins by reviewing our group of books on swimming in PDF format, available for immediate and free download.

Swimming is a sport, according to experts, very complete in terms of providing those who practice it with optimal physical conditions. With our collection of swimming books you can learn about these aspects, as well as some techniques and about the championships that have been created to raise awareness of this sport.

As a competitive discipline, swimming emerged at the end of the 19th century with its first inclusion in the Olympic Games. Since then, it has gained much prestige in the sporting community. Over the years it has had great star representatives, such as professional swimmer Michael Phelps.

However, swimming also serves other important purposes. It can be used to improve physical or mental health, as it is an excellent practice for creating optimal conditions in the body. It is also used for educational and even therapeutic purposes, helping to physically and mentally rehabilitate many people with disabilities.

Swimming is a sport that requires a lot of discipline and perseverance, since the technical aspect can be difficult to conquer when the purpose is to dedicate oneself to it professionally. Human beings are terrestrial, our natural environment is not water, so swimming is forcing nature itself.

Learn much more about swimming by downloading our library of over 15 books on swimming PDF. It is made for you to successfully expand your knowledge of this prestigious sporting discipline, but above all very powerful for overall health.

Here we present our complete selection of Swimming books:


Melinda Biro,Laszlo Revesz,Peter Hidvegi

Open Water Swimming Event Directors Handbook

Swimming Canada

Open Water Guide SwimSmooth

Triathlon Victoria

Beginner's Guide to Outdoor Swimming

Simon Griffiths,Jonathan Cowie,Alice Gartland

Open Water Swimming Safety Guide for Multi Sport Events

Triathlon Scotland

Open Water Swimming Rules

Swimming Australia

Fina Open Water Swimming Guide

Official FINA Website

Fina Figure Groups

German Swimming Association

Running Head Land Drills for Swimming

Peng Zhang

The Wellbeing Benefits of sea Swimming Is it Time to Revisit the Sea Cure

University of Brighton

Clinical Commentary Return to Swimming Protocol for Competitive Swimmers a Post Operative Case Study and Fundamentals

Tracy Spigelman,Aaron Sciascia,Tim Uhl

Adult Learn to Swim Volunteer Teacher Swim Lesson Guide

U S Masters Swimming

The Game Method in Teaching Swimming to Children of Preschool Age Teaching Guide

Maria Podlubnaia,Anastasia Tochmina

Puddle Ducks Babies Swimming Guide

Puddle Ducks

Parent Swimming Advice

The Swimming Teachers Association Limited

Freestyle The Foundation (Presentation)

Russell Mark

Teaching Breaststroke (Presentation)

The Swimming Teachers Association Limited

Swimming Glossary and Useful Information The Strokes (Article)


Can Swimming Alleviate the Burden of ill Health and Promote Wellbeing (Article)

Alan Glasper

Fun with Fins and Playtime with Paddles (Article)

Wayne Goldsmith

Here ends our selection of free Swimming books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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