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Discover the exciting world of surfing with our collection of free books on the subject in PDF format.

Surfing is a discipline that combines excitement, adrenaline, and a connection with nature.

In our books, you will find detailed descriptions of techniques, tips to improve your style, and inspiring stories of legendary surfers.

From beginner’s manuals to in-depth analyses of waves and surf culture, there is something for every lover of this sport.

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Books and Texts on Surf in PDF

Surfing and Spirituality

Leslie Kerby

Surfing and Spirituality by Leslie Kerby is a document that explores the connection between surfing and spirituality, challenging the notion that sacred and secular realms are oppositional. It examines how individuals find spiritual meaning in the seemingly secular activity of surfing and questions common perceptions of the secular and sacred.

Surf Science


Surf Science by OMBE is a comprehensive guide that delves into the various aspects of surfing, including mental preparation, power zones, body movements, and surfboard design. It emphasizes the importance of combining skilled physical movements with a focused and positive mindset to achieve success in surfing.

Surfboard Design

Natural Curves Surfboards

Surfboard Design by Natural Curves Surfboards is a brief guide that explores the fundamentals of surfboard design, including the anatomy of a surfboard and the design variables involved. It provides definitions and explanations of terms related to surfboard design and discusses the design process, emphasizing the connection between surfers, waves, and the surfboard.

6 Exercises to Improve Your Surfing

Patty Soud

6 Exercises to Improve Your Surfing is a PDF written by Patty Soud, a certified personal trainer and lifelong surfer. The document focuses on providing surfers with a set of six functional training exercises designed to enhance their surfing abilities. These exercises target important aspects such as balance, coordination, paddling strength, and endurance.

5 Day Surf Training Program

Elysia Tsai, Jenn Beatty

5 Day Surf Training Program by Elysia Tsai and Jenn Beatty is a comprehensive surf training program designed to enhance surfers' skills and fitness levels. It includes warm-up exercises, focused workouts, and strategies for progression, covering various aspects of surfing such as paddling, board control, pop-ups, and maneuverability.

Hollow Wooden Surfboard

Brad Venter

Hollow Wooden Surfboard by Brad Venter is a detailed account of the author's experience in building a wooden surfboard. It provides insights into the materials, techniques, and challenges involved in constructing a hollow wooden surfboard.

Keys to Performance

Cris Mills

Keys to Performance by Cris Mills is a guide that emphasizes the importance of overall health and fitness for surfers. It highlights the connection between improved health and better surfing performance, focusing on joint health, mobility, and techniques to enhance flexibility.

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