7 Hiking Books for Free! [PDF]

Discover the thrilling world of hiking with our extensive selection of free PDF books.

From routes and techniques to practical tips, our books cover all aspects of hiking to help you make the most of this outdoor adventure.

Explore the history of this activity, its impact on health and well-being, and the diverse options of routes and destinations that await you.

Immerse yourself in the diversity of approaches, techniques, and advice that will guide you to become an expert hiker and enjoy stunning landscapes.

Start your download right away and dive into the exciting adventure of hiking. Discover the beauty of natural landscapes, push your limits, and experience a deep connection with nature.

Books and Texts on Hiking in PDF

Wilderness Hiking Course

Girl Scouts San Diego

Wilderness Hiking Course is a foundation course offered by Girl Scouts San Diego for hikers and backpackers of all levels. It provides essential skills and knowledge for safe day hiking and backpacking adventures. The course covers topics such as hiking gear, map skills, first aid, trail safety, and more.

Ultimate backpacking food

Aaron Owens Mayhew

Ultimate Backpacking Food Starter Guide by Aaron Owens Mayhew is a comprehensive resource for hikers and backpackers. It offers meal planning secrets, tips for maintaining energy levels while hiking, grocery store shopping lists, mix-and-match meal ideas, sample meal plans, and valuable resources.

There and Back Safely

Mariann Naude

There and Back Safely by Mariann Naude is a guide that provides hiking protocol, etiquette, and safety procedures. It covers topics such as hiking techniques, personal safety responsibilities, emergency procedures, and handling various situations during hiking, including animal attacks and extreme weather conditions.

Hiker’s Glossary

Adventures in good company

Hiker’s Glossary is a comprehensive guide introducing hikers to various trail types, terrain, and common terms associated with hiking. It provides valuable information for both experienced hikers and beginners, making it relevant to the topic of hiking books.

Your Guide to Hiking

Trail Hiking Australia

Your Guide to Hiking, is a comprehensive guide for beginners interested in hiking. It provides tips, benefits, planning advice, safety information, and more. The guide aims to enhance the hiking experience and encourage individuals to explore the outdoors.

Training Guide. Mountain Hiking

Meningitis Now

Training Guide - Mountain Hiking by Meningitis Now is a comprehensive guide that provides essential information and tips for preparing and training for mountain hiking challenges. It covers topics such as gear selection, fueling strategies, training plans, strengthening exercises, and safety precautions.

Hiking Trails in america

American Hiking Society

Hiking Trails in America by American Hiking Society is a document that highlights the establishment and growth of the National Trails System in the United States. It discusses the increase in trail mileage, the number of Americans enjoying trails, and the importance of public/private partnerships in trail maintenance. The document emphasizes the need to close trail gaps, build more urban trails, and increase user diversity.

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