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AIDS is a disease that has transformed the landscape of global health. In our books, you will find a brief yet informative description of key aspects related to this disease, ranging from its origins and spread to the latest advances in research and treatment.

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Books on AIDS in PDF

Guide for HIV/AIDS Clinical Care

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Guide for HIV/AIDS Clinical Care provides comprehensive information on clinical care for individuals with HIV/AIDS. It covers various aspects such as testing, treatment, prevention, and common complaints associated with the disease. The guide aims to support healthcare providers in delivering quality care to HIV/AIDS patients.

HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment

FHI 360

Understanding HIV: A Comprehensive Guide is a comprehensive guide that provides a detailed understanding of HIV/AIDS, its causes, transmission, prevention, and treatment options.

HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for people who use stimulant drugs

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for people who use stimulant drugs, provides a technical guide on HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support specifically tailored for individuals who use stimulant drugs. It addresses the link between stimulant drug use and HIV transmission, core interventions such as condom use and needle exchange programs, care and support services, and critical enablers like supportive laws and community empowerment.

AIDS and HIV infection


AIDS and HIV Infection provides information on AIDS and HIV infection, including facts, prevention methods, testing, living with HIV/AIDS, a global overview of the epidemic, and the UN's response to AIDS.

HIV Prevention 2025


HIV Prevention 2025, provides a road map for ending AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. It outlines a ten-point plan for country-level actions to achieve ambitious HIV prevention targets by 2025. The document emphasizes the need for intensified efforts, collaboration, and innovation to reduce new HIV infections and strengthen prevention programs.

HIV care and support


HIV care and support is a comprehensive guide that emphasizes the importance of care and support services for people living with HIV. It highlights the need for a holistic approach, including medical, psychosocial, socioeconomic, and legal support, to enhance the well-being and survival of individuals affected by HIV.

Questions and Answers about HIV/AIDS

New York State Department of Health

Questions and Answers about HIV/AIDS is a comprehensive resource addressing common questions and concerns related to HIV/AIDS. It covers topics such as the history of HIV/AIDS, transmission, prevention, testing, treatment, human rights, and stigma.

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