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We continue to develop content for dental health care. In this opportunity, we present our collection of books on endodontics in PDF format, where you can learn all about this specialty and treatment of vital importance to prevent the loss of the tooth affected by a deep infection.

Endodontics as a specialty trains dental professionals for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pathologies and complications in the dentin-pulp organ and tissues around the root. Its main objective is to provide an optimal environment to prevent, maintain and restore the health of the pulp and periapical tissues. You can study all this and more with the endodontics books in this section.

Root canal is a dental treatment which consists of removing the deepest part of the tooth due to infection or injury. The tooth is cleaned from the inside, that is, the nerve is removed and replaced by an inert material. All this with the aim of saving the tooth from extraction.

The root canal may cause some discomfort after treatment, but the process is not painful because local anesthesia is applied to the patient. It is indicated due to a caries infection that has spread too far or a fracture that causes the pulp to die or become inflamed. After a root canal, the tooth is healthy and functional for chewing.

The treatment consists of removing the nerve, cleaning the root canal and finally sealing it with thermoplastic material, cement or other filling material. At the end, an X-ray is performed to confirm that the procedure was correct. It may require one or more interventions to complete, depending on the severity of the infection or fracture.

We invite you to explore this super collection of more than 15 endodontics books in PDF format, where you will learn the basics of this specialty and its dental treatments. You can download them right now for free.

Here we present our complete selection of Endodontics books:

Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment in Endodontics

The Swedish National Agency for Medical and Social Evaluation

Clinical Cases in Endodontics

Spanish Society of Conservative and Aesthetic Dentistry

Endodontic Cavity Preparation

Dentinal Tubules

Current Strategies for Conservative Endodontic Access Cavity Preparation Techniques Systematic Review Meta Analysis and Decision Making Protocol

Benoit Ballester,Thomas Giraud,Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed

History of Endodontics

Shane R Christensen

Endodontics Cleaning and Shaping of Root Canal

Anas Alaubaydi

Root Canal Treatment a Clinical Guide for Dental Students

Greg Y Kim

One Visit Versus Two Visits Endodontic Treatment

Emily Stadler,Pegah Reyhani

Fundamentals of Endodontics (Presentation)

Nalin, Ahmed Farooq, Trish Moore

Pediatric Endodontics (Presentation)

Rajeev Kumar Singh

Endodontics Single Versus Multiple Visit (Article)

Omar Ikram,Tyler Neal,Richard Mounce

Comparison of Nonsurgical Root Canal Treatment and Single Tooth Implants (Article)

Michael F Morris,Timothy C Kirkpatrick,Richard E Rutledge

Endodontic Orthodontic Interrelationship a Review (Article)

Musliana Mustaffa,Siti Hajjar Nasir

Endodontic Orthodontic Interrelationships A Clinicians Guide (Article)

Pooja Kapoor,Harpreet Singh

Clinical Considerations of Endodontic Orthodontics (Article)

Sravani G

Endodontic Retreatment a Conservative and Predictable Therapy (Article)

Jorge Alberdi

Rotary Endodontics or Reciprocating Endodontics Which is New and Which is True (Article)

Gourav K Sahu,Shivani Consul,KJ Nandakishore

Patient Centered Endodontic Outcomes A Narrative Review (Article)

Reza Hamedy,Bita Shakiba,Sara Fayazi

Nickel Titanium Single File System in Endodontics (Article)

Alberto Dagna

Guidelines for Acceptance of Specialist Dental Services (Article)

The University of Western Australia

Here ends our selection of free Endodontics books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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