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Health topics are essential for us and we know that for our community of readers and researchers as well. That’s what we rely on to grow our library, in this opportunity, we fulfill this purpose by creating the selection of psychiatry books in PDF format, free of charge.

This collection of books on psychiatry will allow those interested in this area of study to learn about its fundamental principles and to learn about scientifically rigorous studies related to mental illness.

It was not until two centuries ago that mental illnesses were considered as an object of medical research and intervention, since in almost all of human history they were associated with a magical, spiritual or moral issue. At the end of the 18th century a great step was taken when psychiatry was founded.

It was in the 19th century that the concept of mental illness saw the light of day and in the 20th century medical practices were introduced for psychiatric patients who were confined in specialized centers. These included electroshock, lobotomy, leucotomy and pharmacological treatments.

Today psychiatry is defined as the medical specialty that studies mental illnesses, their types, causes, treatments and processes. Psychiatrists are therefore physicians who specialize in this area. Their goal is to alleviate the suffering of the mentally ill, which includes physical, psychological and social aspects.

Current treatments in psychiatry are psychopharmacological, psychotherapeutic and socio-therapeutic. In other words, a comprehensive approach is sought that seeks the well-being and social integration of the patient, far from the radical and invasive practices of the past.

Explore the compendium of more than 15 psychiatry books in PDF format that we have created for you, with quality content and totally free. Remember that you can download them quickly from this section to your electronic devices.

Psychiatry Books

1) Book Psychiatry

Dr Harsh Vardhan,Dr Jagdish Prasad,Dr R C Jiloha

Source: Directorate General Of Health Services

2) Psychiatry for Medical Students and Residents Medical Students and Residents

Nabeel Kouka

Source: Brain 101

3) Mental Disorders

Steven Hyman, Dan Chisholm, Ronald Kessler

Source: Disease Control Priorities

4) Community Psychiatry

Dr Rajnesh Kr Yadav

Source: Lucknow University

5) Critical Psychiatry A Brief Overview

Hugh Middleton,Joanna Moncrieff

Source: UCL Discovery

6) Modern Psychiatry From Genes to Therapies

Nils Brose,Florian Holsboer

Source: Max Planck Gesellschaft

Forensic Psychiatry Books

Forensic psychiatry is a branch of psychiatry, which is defined as the application of clinical psychiatry to law, with the aim of establishing the state of mental faculties, in order to delimit the degree of criminal responsibility and civil capacity of the individual after committing a crime.

It is undoubtedly one of the most difficult, since it is not easy to know to what extent a person is out of their mind to commit a crime. In this sense, there are many errors that have been presented, so it is necessary for professionals to be well prepared.

This department is in charge of determining which people with mental problems pose a risk to the population, as well as treating criminals and people in security hospitals.

8) Trauma Informed Approaches in Forensic Mental Health

Nicholas Procter,Barry Ayling,Lynn Croft

Source: University of South Australia

9) Ethical Considerations and Political Abuse Within Forensic Psychiatry (Article)

Beth Mitchell

Source: Royal College of Psychiatrists

11) National Statement of Principles for Forensic Mental Health

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

12) Forensic Psychiatric Assessment of the Criminal and Civil Responsibility of Mentally Disordered Persons

Safaa Y Eldabe,Amal A Ahmed,Ayat A Hemeda

Source: Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences and Applied Toxicology

14) The History of Forensic Psychiatry (Article)

Thomas G Gutheil

Source: Scientific Literature Digital Library

Child Psychiatry Books

Children are very fragile, so much so that they can change their mood from one moment to another without complications, this is due to their lack of control of emotions and their brain immaturity, something that is absolutely normal, the point to treat is, when a child becomes unstable, withdrawn, isolated, for no apparent reason.

In this type of cases, is where psychiatrists come into action, although it could be said that this is crazy, the function of a psychiatrist is not only to treat those who are locked up in a hospital or ward, one of their specialties is child psychiatry, which is more common than we may think.

This science specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of thought, emotion and behavior that affect children.

15) Child psychiatry Key Concepts and Clinical Insights (Presentation)

Alasdair Vance

Source: The Royal Childrens Hospital

16) Common Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Problems and Their Management in the Community

Bruce Tonge

Source: Time for a Future

18) Child Psychiatry (Article)

Department of Neurology Washington University

Source: Department of Neurology Washington University

19) Development of specialties Child psychiatry

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Source: Royal College of Psychiatrists

20) Child Psychiatry

King Saud University Medical Student Council

Source: King Saud University Medical Student Council

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