20+ Books about Down Syndrome for Free! [PDF]

Down syndrome is more common than you might think. One in a thousand people suffer from it and its scope extends to every region of the world. In our collection of books about Down syndrome in PDF format, you will find everything you need to know about this interesting disorder that is part of the human being as a species. 

Far from being a disease, Down syndrome is a genetic alteration produced by the presence of an extra chromosome at the moment of conception. People with this extra chromosome present certain characteristic changes in their physical and mental development.

Early prevention, adequate access to the healthcare system, and inclusive learning for people living with this condition are crucial for their growth and development. 

No matter what your reason for looking for Down syndrome books is, you will find the information you are looking for here.

Achieving positive change for people with Down syndrome also depends on the exchange of ideas and knowledge. For this reason, we offer you more than 20 books about Down syndrome in PDF format.

Here we present our complete selection of Books about Down Syndrome:

1) Down Syndrome

Subrata Kumar Dey

2) Information for parents. Down syndrome

Early Support

3) Today & tomorrow. A guide to aging with down syndrome

Canadian Down Syndrome Society

4) Physical Therapy for Children with Down Syndrome (Presentation)

Patricia C. Winders, PT

5) Down syndrome. A resource for educators (Presentation)

Mate Puira Kehe

6) Aging and Down Syndrome

National Down Syndrome Society

7) Down Syndrome awareness. Activities and lessons to teach about acceptance, friendship and Down syndrome

21 Strong

8) Getting to know a baby with Down’s syndrome

Down’s Syndrome Scotland

9) Breastfeeding a Baby with Down Syndrome

Canadian Down Syndrome Society

10) What is Down’s Syndrome?

Scottish Down’s Syndrome Association

11) New Parents Guide For Parents of Babies with Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Association

12) A Families’ Guide to Best of All Teenagers

GiGi's Playhouse

13) Down Syndrome and Physiotherapy (Presentation)


14) Down Syndrome - What is it all about?

Down Syndrome Ireland

15) New Parent Booklet

Down Syndrome Ireland

16) Down Syndrome and Dementia: A Guide for Families

Dr Jennifer Torr, Monash University

17) Care of a Child with Down Syndrome

Neerja Gupta

18) Down syndrome: A new parent’s guide

National Down Syndrome Congress

19) Children with Down Syndrome Discovering the Joy of Movement (Article)

Anne Jobling, Naznin Virji-Babul

20) Down syndrome (Article)

MedlinePlus Genetics

21) Trisomy 21 - Down Syndrome (Article)

Centre for Genetics Education

Here ends our selection of free Books about Down Syndrome in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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