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We continue to increase our collection of books and we are interested in covering all topics in the area of health. In this opportunity, we present you a compendium of physiotherapy books in PDF format, with relevant content that will help you to study its principles and fundamentals.

Rehabilitation of the body has always been an area of interest, since ancient Greece when physical therapy and hydrotherapy were practiced, as well as manual massages. We know that today it is already a consolidated discipline and that is why we bring you this selection of physiotherapy books.

Physiotherapy was consolidated as a modern science at the end of the 19th century. Advances in this field began to be required with greater urgency and together with children’s orthopedics it played a crucial role in the treatment of children with disabilities. Later, with the spread of poliomyelitis, its practice continued to intensify.

Physiotherapy can be defined as a science that deals with the prevention and rehabilitation of patients through physical therapy, in order to recover the mechanical function of the body.

The treatments used in physiotherapy are very varied and can be classified according to the means and tools used to carry them out.

Thus, in manual therapy we find: massage therapy, kinesiotherapy, analytical stretching, neurological physiotherapy, functional bandaging (taping), among others. As for the therapy of physical and technological agents, we have: electrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, cryotherapy, light therapy, among others.

Among the various pathologies treated by physiotherapy, we can mention: fractures, sprains, muscle injuries, herniated disk, tissue inflammation, tendinitis, ligament injuries, among others.

Consult now our collection of more than 20 physiotherapy books in PDF format, available for immediate and free download on any of your electronic devices. Learn the basics of this interesting and necessary discipline today.


Physiotherapy Learner Guide

Queensland Health

Introduction to Physiotherapy Years 9 and 10

Monash University

PST 110-Introduction to the Physiotherapy Profession

Bowen University

The responsibilities of being a physiotherapist

Ceri Sedgley

Physiotherapy practices in primary health care (Article)

Cíntia Raquel Bim, Brígida Gimenez de Carvalho, Celita Salmaso Trelha

Definition of Physiotherapy (Article)

Univerzitná knižnica Prešovskej univerzity v Prešove

Sports Physiotherapy Books

Sport is a physical activity that requires maximum performance on the part of the athlete, since the competitive factor is always included; today there are many celebrities who have excelled in different sports disciplines. However, many are not spared from injuries, and that is where sports physiotherapy comes in.

This specialty is responsible for the rehabilitation, care and prevention of amateur and professional athletes, as well as showing the correct guidelines to those patients who practice physical activity and want to do so safely.

Sports physiotherapy pursues several objectives, including: shortening recovery time, adapting the body to training, preventing injuries and improving quality of life.

Sports Medicine

American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM), American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)

Preparticipation Screening-The Sports Physical Therapy Perspective

Barbara Sanders, Turner A. Blackburn and Brenda Boucher

The importance of a physiotherapist in the management of sport teams (Article)

University of Pretoria UP


APA Australian Physiotherapy Association

Neurological Physiotherapy Books

Neurological physiotherapy is a specialty of physiotherapy that is primarily concerned with the recovery of people suffering from diseases or disorders of the brain. The treatment of acquired brain damage or other diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease requires professionals specialized in this field.

In addition, neurological physiotherapy currently allows to improve the prognosis of many patients with diseases affecting the nervous system, which is quite beneficial, since if one of these diseases is diagnosed at an early age, this specialty helps to prevent further and irreparable damage.

The development of this activity requires constant improvement, so professionals must continue with their preparation to better perform their functions.

PT Neuro Exam and Treatment: The Basics and Beyond

Abby Park and Brittany Kennedy

Clinical reasoning in neurological physiotherapy: A framework for the management of patients with movement disorders

Zacharias Dimitriadis, Vasileios C Skoutelis and Evangelia Tsipra

Neurological Principles and Rehabilitation of Action Disorders: Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair

Valerie Pomeroy, Salvatore M. Aglioti and VictorW. Mark

Pediatric Physiotherapy Books

Pediatric physiotherapy is one of the specialties of physiotherapy that requires more study, since it does not deal with a specific subject, but must address various aspects (physical, neurological, general) to properly treat infants.

It is also responsible for advising and attending to those newborns, children and even adolescents who present a general alteration in their development or movement disorders, which can be caused by both congenital and acquired diseases. It can be said that he is the professional specialized in working the sensorimotor area of the youngest.

Its field of work covers the following areas: neuromuscular, neurological, musculoskeletal, respiratory and genetic. So if you are a parent, having one of these professionals at your disposal is highly recommended.

Pediatric Physical Therapy (Presentation)

Erica Mann, Alyssa Daigle and Becca Jones

Paediatric Physiotherapy-How we can help (Presentation)

Spire Healthcare

The ABC’s of Pediatric Physical Therapy (Presentation)

The Section on Pediatrics American Physical Therapy Association

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy & Exercise Centres

Chest physical therapy, breathing techniques and exercise in children with CF (Article)

Maggie McIlwaine

Respiratory Physiotherapy Books

Physiotherapy is a science dedicated to the improvement of human health, which has a fairly extensive field of application, so many specialties have emerged to cover more completely each field separately.

In this sense, respiratory physiotherapy is based on the prevention, treatment and stabilization of respiratory dysfunctions or alterations, whose general objective is to improve pulmonary regional ventilation, gas exchange, respiratory muscle function, dyspnea, exercise tolerance and health-related quality of life.

It is necessary for the physiotherapist who has taken this particular path to practice their career to continue training, in order to be able to correctly perform the medical procedure to patients affected in their respiratory system.

Guidelines for the physiotherapy management of the adult, medical, spontaneously breathing patient

Julia Bott, Sharron Blumenthal, Maria Buxton

Coronavirus SARS-Cov-2

Aleksandra Cieloszczyk, Dr. Agnieszka Lewko, Dr. Agnieszka Sliwka

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (Article)

Wyn Lloyd MCSP

Respiratory physiotherapy – some useful information (Article)

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Physiotherapy for Respiratory Conditions – Glossary (Article)

International Physiotherapy Group for Cystic Fibrosis

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