15+ Hematology Books for Free! [PDF]

We continue adding medical specialties to the list of our topics. In this opportunity, we present a very relevant collection as an area of study. We are talking about hematology books in PDF format, which we have compiled for our community to benefit from reading and researching.

Blood is the fluid that runs throughout our body and its good circulation and quality is of vital importance for the body to function optimally. Therefore, we did not want to leave aside its study and we have created this selection of hematology books in PDF format, for all those who wish to research on this subject.

Hematology is the medical specialty that deals with diseases of the blood and the organs involved in its production (bone marrow, spleen and lymph nodes). In this sense, hematologists are in charge of diagnosing, treating and preventing these pathologies, as far as scientific advances in the field of hematological diseases allow.

In general, hematology is responsible for the study of: blood cells (alterations in both quantity and quality of red blood cells or erythrocytes, white blood cells or leukocytes and platelets), coagulation (alterations or defects in coagulation proteins) and blood transfusion (ensuring the safety of the entire process of blood collection and transfusion). 

The most common tests to find alterations in blood cells are: hematocrit count, leukocyte count, hemoglobin count and white blood cell differential test. And some of the diseases that can be diagnosed are: anemia, leukemia, lymphomas and bleeding disorders (hemophilia and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura).

Check out our collection of over 15 hematology books in PDF format, free to access and available for immediate download on your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Hematology books:

1) Practical Hematology

The Islamic University of Gaza

2) Hematology and Clinical Microscopy Glossary

Cancer Protocol Templates College of American Pathologists

3) Hematology

Dr Sanjiv Kumar

4) Basic Hematology (Presentation)

Neil Harris

5) Blood Smear Basics

Jennifer A Neel

6) Diagnostic Value of Hematology

Jaime Samour

7) Histogram Interpretation

Tata Memorial Centre

8) Blood and Hematology (Article)

Austin Community College District

9) Haematology Analyser (Article)

Agriculture and Forestry University

10) Review Biological Evidence Collection and Forensic Blood Identification

Diana M Castro,Heather Miller Coyle, Henry C Lee

11) Section 8 Hematology


12) Complete Blood Count (Presentation)

Andrea Dean

13) Haematological Diseases Anaemia (Presentation)

Ramakant Joshi

14) Quality Assurance in Haematology (Presentation)

Dr Parag Dharap

15) Advances in Hematology (Article)

Craig M Kessler,Charles S Greenberg

16) Forensic Serology Lecture (Presentation)

Capt Farhat H Mirza

17) Forensic Existence of Blood as a Dynamic Evidence (Article)

Sanya Sharma,Shipra Rohatgi

18) Practical Use of Automated White Cell Differential Analysis (Article)

Noriyuki Tatsumi,Izumi Tsuda,Takayuki Takubo

19) Hematology (Article)

State of California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training

Here ends our selection of free Hematology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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