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Euthanasia, also known as “assisted death,” raises profound questions about individual autonomy and the right to die with dignity.

Our collection of books addresses these topics from different angles, providing valuable information and diverse perspectives.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this intellectual exploration, where you will find works that analyze the medical, philosophical, religious, and legal aspects of euthanasia.

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Books on Euthanasia in PDF

Debate on euthanasia (pros and cons)

Joseph Pakhu

Debate on Euthanasia (Pros and Cons) is a dissertation discussing the ethical debate surrounding euthanasia. It provides an overview of different terms related to euthanasia and presents arguments for and against the practice.

The Morality of Euthanasia

Klemens Kappel

The Morality of Euthanasia is a paper discussing the different views on active and passive euthanasia, arguing for the moral permissibility and legalization of active euthanasia under certain circumstances. The document explores key terms, presents three views on euthanasia (extreme, moderate, and liberal), and examines the moral and legal aspects of euthanasia.

Euthanasia, Morality, and Law

John M. Finnis

Euthanasia, Morality, and Law is an article that discusses the arguments against legalizing euthanasia, highlighting the lack of clarity regarding the alleged right, the neglect of potential casualties, and the flawed conception of human life and dignity. It emphasizes the need for critical assessment and judgment in the ongoing debate.

Impact of medical assistance in dying (MAiD) on family caregivers

Rachel Goldberg, Rinat Nissim, Ekaterina An, Sarah Hales

Impact of medical assistance in dying (MAiD) on family caregivers, explores the experiences and perspectives of family caregivers in relation to medical assistance in dying (MAiD), including their beliefs and opinions about the intervention, its impact on them, and the psychosocial outcomes after the passing of their loved ones.

The Morality of Euthanasia

Adam Greif

The Morality of Euthanasia is a research article that defends the moral permissibility and legalization of euthanasia, using arguments from analogy and addressing objections. It explores the concept of requested euthanasia and discusses ethical dilemmas surrounding end-of-life decisions.

Voluntary Euthanasia & Physician-assisted Suicide: The Two ‘Slippery Slope’ Arguments

John Keown

Voluntary Euthanasia & Physician-assisted Suicide: The Two ‘Slippery Slope’ Arguments" is a document that addresses the arguments against the legalization of voluntary euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide. The author argues that, from an ethical perspective, intentionally killing patients who request it or assisting them in suicide goes against the inherent dignity and equality of human life.

The Debate Over Euthanasia and Human Rights

Dr. Irena Shala, Drnt. Kilda Gusha

The Debate Over Euthanasia and Human Rights is a document that analyzes the debate on euthanasia and its relevance to international human rights norms. It explores the ethical, legal, medical, and religious dimensions of euthanasia, discussing the increasing movement towards legalization in Western jurisdictions and the role of the justice system in the debate.

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