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Neonatology focuses on the care and treatment of newborns, addressing crucial aspects such as specialized medical attention, neonatal development, and disease prevention.

Discover how medical and technological advancements have transformed the care of babies in their early days of life.

From practical manuals to scientific research, you will find resources that will help you better understand the challenges and solutions in newborn care.

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Books on Neonatology in PDF

Basic Neonatology

Dr Ahmed Abdelmoktader

Basic Neonatology by Dr. Ahmed Abdelmoktader is a lecture notes document covering various topics in neonatology, including neonatal history taking, physical examination, reflexes, resuscitation, classification of newborns, and common neonatal conditions.

Basic Maternal and Newborn Care: A Guide for Skilled Providers

Barbara Kinzie, Patricia Gomez

Basic Maternal and Newborn Care: A Guide for Skilled Providers is a comprehensive guide that focuses on the fundamentals of basic care for mothers and newborns. It covers topics such as antenatal care, labor and childbirth care, postpartum care, newborn care, common discomforts and concerns, special needs, life-threatening complications, and essential tools and procedures.

Neonatal Clinical Practice Guidelines

Elsie Constanza

Neonatal Clinical Practice Guidelines by Elsie Constanza is a comprehensive guidebook for neonatal care. It covers various topics such as infectious diseases, respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal issues, and surgical emergencies in neonates. The guidelines are based on the best available evidence and expert opinions, providing valuable information for healthcare professionals involved in neonatology.

Neonatology for Nurses

Iulia Negrea

Neonatology for Nurses by Iulia Negrea is a document that provides essential information on prenatal care, preventable maternal issues, and environmental factors that can affect fetal development. It emphasizes the crucial role of nurses in the health and welfare of newborns.

Essential Newborn Care

Dr Riad Mahmud

Essential Newborn Care by Dr Riad Mahmud is a participant manual for in-service capacity building and training on essential newborn care for health care providers in peripheral health units. It covers various topics such as newborn resuscitation, breastfeeding initiation, thermal care, examination of the newborn, and management of low birth weight babies.

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