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Anesthesia plays a crucial role during an operation since it depends on it, whether the patient feels pain or not, as well as whether they are awake or asleep in the process. It is difficult to think of complex surgeries without the use of this type of medication.

We can therefore define anesthesia as the use of medications or drugs to block the sensitivity or pain that a patient may feel during a medical procedure or surgical intervention. Anesthesia can be administered intravenously, also through injection in a specific area, inhalation of gases or vapors. Whatever the form of administration, it will affect the nervous system.

The types of anesthesia known so far and used in different cases are the following:

General anesthesia: It is usually administered intravenously, generally in a vein in the arm, or by inhalation of gases. In both cases the patient loses consciousness and is left with the sensation of having a very deep sleep. It is usually administered in complex surgeries.

Regional anesthesia: It is applied in an area reaching some nerves to numb a more or less wide area of the body. It is administered by injection and is often used in procedures such as cesarean delivery, for example.

Local anesthesia: It is administered in a specific part of the body, which is usually small. It is usually applied to the skin. This is the type of anesthesia used in dentistry.

Learn much more about this topic with our compendium of more than 15 anesthesia books in PDF format and download them for free.

Here we present our complete selection of Anesthesia books:

1) Pharmacology of Anesthesia

Amal Alshaibi, sama alharbi, Anwar Alajmi

2) Monitoring Depth of Anaesthesia

H L Kaul, Neerja Bharti

3) Local Anesthetics

The International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists

4) Local Anesthesia and Analgesia

Lyon Lee

5) Local Anesthesia in Pediatric Dentistry

Prem Lobo

6) Epidural Anaesthesia

Leon Visser

7) Epidural Analgesia

John Keeler

8) Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia

Kenneth Drasner,Merlin D Larson

9) Canine and Feline Anesthesia

Lyon Lee

10) Fish Sedation Anesthesia Analgesia and Euthanasia Considerations Methods and Types of Drugs

Donald L Neiffer,M Andrew Stamper

11) Epidural Anesthesia (Article)

The International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists

12) Epidural Anesthesia with Ropivacaine with or Without Clonidine and Postoperative Pain in Hemorrhoidectomies (Article)

Joao Florencio de Abreu BaptistaI

13) How to Use an Epidural in a Field Situation for Analgesia or Local Anesthesia (Article)

Jenifer R Gold

14) Anesthetic Technique for Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block a New Approach (Article)

Dafna Geller Palti,Cristiane Machado de Almeida,Antonio de Castro Rodrigues

15) Topical Intrapocket Anesthesia During Scaling and Root Planing a Randomized Clinical Trial (Article)

Raquel Pippi Antoniazzi,Bruna Cargnelutti,Daniela Napoleao Freitas

16) Local Anesthesia in Dental Practice New Methods of Local Anesthesia (Article)

Haruhisa Fukayama

17) Local Anesthetics (Article)

Defense and Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management

18) Topical Local Anaesthesia (Presentation)

The Royal Childrens Hospital

19) Maxillary Mandibular Anesthesia Techniques (Presentation)

Heera Chang

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