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The process of creation and development of human beings before birth is fascinating. We understand that you are interested in exploring it and that is why we have put together a selection of embryology books in PDF format, which will be very useful for your studies and research.

This collection of embryology books will introduce you to the theoretical aspects and fundamental principles, necessary to master the subject. In this section, we will introduce the subject and at the end we will give you access to each title in this collection.

Embryology is a branch of biology and a subdiscipline of genetics that focuses on the study of the formation and development of the embryo up to the moment of birth. The beginning of this stage is understood as the fertilization that originates the formation of the zygote.

From then on, and during the first month, the creation of the main structures and organs begins, and it is then when the embryo ceases to be called this way and becomes a fetus.

Embryology allows us to know the beginning of human life and all the changes that occur in intrauterine life. It also helps us to understand the causes of the evolution of structures and provides relevant data on normal prenatal development, as well as on malformations.

Therefore, it is a discipline that not only deals with the development of healthy embryos, but also focuses on the diseases detected at this stage. Among the pathologies it treats, we can mention the following: spina bifida, gastroschisis, bladder and cloacal exstrophy, congenital diaphragmatic hernia, chromosomal alterations, among others.

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Human Embryology Books

When a couple has sexual intercourse, there is a possibility of pregnancy. When this occurs, an embryo is created, also known as a fetus, which over time grows until it develops and leaves the uterus at 9 months, although sometimes it does so earlier.

The science specializing in the study of the embryo is known as human embryology, considered a branch of genetics, and encompasses the investigation of the process called morphogenesis, the embryonic and nervous development from gametogenesis to the birth of babies.

It is an extremely important science, by which it has been demonstrated that from the moment of gestation, the small being in formation possesses life.

Human Embryo Culture

Jonathan Montgomery,Charlotte Elves, Sheelagh McGuinness

Overview of the Development of the Human Brain and Spinal Cord

Hans J ten Donkelaar,Ton van der Vliet

Report on the Protection of the Human Embryo in Vitro

Council of Europe

Producing Development The Anatomy of Human Embryos and the Norms of Wilhelm His

Nick Hopwood

Reflections on human embryo research the debate in Portuguese ethics organizations

Bruno Rodrigues Alves, Helena Machado, Susana Silva

General Embryology (Presentation)

Dr Ashok Sahai

General embryology (Presentation)

Government Medical College & Hospital

Embryology and Development (Article)

G Kurkchubasche

Animal Embryology Books

The study of the embryo is extremely important in the scientific and medical world, the science dedicated to its research is known as embryology, and covers not only the study of human embryos, but also of animals.

In this sense, animal embryology is a specialization, where professionals are in charge of studying the genesis of gametes, known as spermatogenesis and oogenesis, the study of the ovum and its segmentation, up to the first embryonic stages.

Embryonic development in an animal is a complex process by which an egg cell is transformed, after fertilization and incubation, into an adult organism. This process is studied in animal embryology.

Veterinary Developmental Anatomy

Thomas F Fletcher,Alvin F Weber

Approaches and Species in the History of Vertebrate Embryology

Nick Hopwood

Follicle Growth Oocyte Maturation Embryo Development and Reproductive Biotechnologies in Dog and Cat

K Reynaud,M Saint Dizier,A Fontbonne

Selected methods of in vitro embryo production in felids a review

Sylwia Prochowska,Wojciech Nizanski,Agnieszka Partyka

Evaluation and Classification of Bovine Embryos (Article)

Brazilian College of Animal Reproduction

Developmental Aspects of Early Pregnancy in Mares

C Meira,JC Ferreira,E S M Silva

Case of Fetal Maceration in a Dog


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