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What would our lives be without discoveries such as penicillin? Undoubtedly, the development of drugs for the treatment of diseases is a matter of great relevance in our times. Considering this, we took the time to make this collection of pharmacology books in PDF format with important content on this subject.

In our pharmacology books in PDF format you will find the fundamental principles of this science that dates back to ancient times and has been perfected over time.

Already in Ancient Egypt, certain types of plants were used for curative and cosmetic purposes. Likewise, in Greece and Rome. It was not until the beginning of the Middle Ages and then the Renaissance that a more experimental character was given to the use of plants for the extraction of their therapeutic properties, with the emergence of alchemy.

Scientific experimentation gradually evolved until great discoveries were made, such as penicillin, by the scientist Alexander Fleming, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1945.

Subsequently, with the great technological and scientific progress, pharmacology became more and more important until it became a science of utmost relevance in the Modern Era.

Today, thanks to pharmacology, drugs are constantly being produced to treat various types of diseases, their effectiveness and safety are being tested, vaccines are being discovered, among other important findings and solutions. And, precisely, nowadays it is focused on the control of diseases at a worldwide level.

The findings in pharmacology are increasingly accurate, since all drugs are subjected to careful study and testing. This careful study makes them substances with more benefits than adverse effects, making many of them great successes in the market.

Learn more about the fascinating world of this scientific discipline by reviewing our more than 20 pharmacology books in PDF format, available for immediate download.

Pharmacology Books


Luca Gallelli


Christa van Tellingen

Pharmacology Basics

Elizabeth Boldon

Drug Prescribing For Dentistry

Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP)

Clinical Guide to Ophthalmic Drugs

Ron Melton and Randall Thomas

Cardiovascular Pharmacology Books

In the pharmaceutical field there is a variety of drugs that if not properly administered can damage the heart, altering its functioning and may cause severe consequences when the situation is not immediately attended to.

In view of this situation, it is advisable to consult cardiovascular pharmacology, defined as the specialty that studies the effects of drugs on the circulatory, vascular, nervous and endocrine systems that play an important role in this process.

Likewise, there are ideal medical procedures to treat the pathologies related to these clinical conditions, which are included in the referred texts, where any reader, student or expert will obtain support to reinforce their knowledge in the area.

Cardiac Pharmacology

Jassin M. Jouria

Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Roger L. Royste, John F. Butterworth IV, Leanne Groban, Thomas F. Slaughter and David A. Zvara

Cardiovascular drugs

Umesh R. Desai

Cardiovascular drugs

Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Singh

Table of Common Cardiac Medications

Intermountain Healthcare

Pharmacology Books for Nursing

In the medical field, drug administration requires information, techniques and strategies that are crucial for the proper functioning of drugs in the body, being this a field where nurses play an important role.

In general, it is these assistants who are in charge of assisting the sick, wounded or injured, under the doctor’s indications, as well as having the obligation to administer the drugs they prescribe, which is why nurses must have knowledge about these drugs.

In the pharmacology books for nursing, both trainees and nursing professionals will find a support to reinforce the basic notions of the world of pharmacy, mainly in the medical care area, such as recommended doses, contraindications, side effects, among others.

Pharmacology for Nurses. Part II

Dr. Nasser Abu-El-Noor

Guidance to Nurses and Midwives on Medication Management

An Bord Altranais

Books on Pharmacology in Anesthesia

When a person is going to undergo a surgery, he/she must comply with a variety of blood tests, x-rays, heart tests (electrocardiograms), toxicology tests, etc., in order to be prepared for the procedure, and at the same time provide truthful information about his/her state of health to the physicians in charge.

For this, the patient must have a previous consultation with a health professional called an anesthesiologist, who is indicated to do two important things, one of them is to verify that the person can be operated, and secondly, to guarantee the numbing of the body at the time of the operation, a process that is done by anesthetizing the patient in a certain part of the body depending on the type of surgical intervention.

In this sense, books on pharmacology in anesthesia are essential, since they provide information on this process, and also on the preparation of drugs.

Practical Pharmacology in Regional Anesthesia

Jose A. Aguirre, Gina Votta-Velis and Alain Borgeat

Anesthetic Agents: General and Local Anesthetics

Timothy J. Maher

The Pharmacology of Local Anesthetic Agents (Article)

Dr. J.M. Tuckley

Drugs used in anesthesia (Article)

Various authors

Books on Pharmacology in Obstetrics

At the time of administering a drug, the gestation process represents a condition of care for all women; therefore, correct knowledge is required regarding the properties of the drug, characteristics of the patients, as well as the stages of pregnancy and lactation.

A good guide for acquiring information on this subject is provided by books on pharmacology in obstetrics, which describe all the special considerations that should be taken into account when prescribing medical treatment for pregnant women.

The purpose of these texts is to avoid making mistakes in the administration of medication that could have serious consequences for both the mother and the fetus, which would bring misfortune instead of maintaining the happiness for the new creature.

Medication Guidelines for Obstetrics and Gynaecology

National Clinical Programme for Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Drugs used in Obstetrics

South Valley University

Books on Routes of Administration in Pharmacology

Before administering a drug, it is essential to read its package insert, as this is the only way to obtain information regarding its composition, characteristics, indications, dosage, contraindications, side effects and mode of application.

In this sense, there are several routes to place a drug in the organism, which can be done in the following ways: intravenous, ocular, oral, vaginal, rectal, among others, which are detailed in the books on routes of administration in pharmacology.

Through these texts, basic knowledge of this discipline can be reinforced, as well as learning to differentiate pharmacological terms that are very useful for professionals, trainees and any reader.

Routes of drug administration

University of Al-Qadisiyah

Drug Formulations & Routes of Administration

Rodney Martinez

Routes of drug administration

Various authors

Well, that was our collection of Pharmacology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and that you find your next book!

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