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The behavior of diseases has been a crucial topic during several moments of our history. That is why we have prepared this compendium of epidemiology books in PDF format. Our purpose of promoting research is clear and we continue to fulfill it.

Our collection of free epidemiology books will provide you with basic notions about this discipline that is so important in this day and age. Beyond disease control and prevention, epidemiology has evolved into the study of health and disease.

In that sense, it can be defined as the study of disease and health processes and how populations are affected by or benefit from them. It is concerned with how these populations are geographically distributed and how the various health and disease phenomena develop over time.

The fundamental objective of epidemiology is to identify the frequency and behavior of risk factors associated with a disease. These factors can be managed and prevented, avoiding the onset of disease.

A population may be exposed to risk factors, in which case it is called a “population at risk” and is the one most likely to suffer from a disease, either because it is susceptible to it and/or because of certain external factors.

Understanding and knowing how, when and to whom the phenomena of health and disease occur, i.e., studying their context, makes it possible to determine the causes and, consequently, the control and prevention of disease.

Epidemiology is also concerned with evaluating the impact that health systems have on people, the environment and the circumstances of life, in order to provide solutions that are intended to favor other disciplines or areas.

We leave you, then, this free material of more than 10 books on epidemiology in PDF format, so you can download them to your electronic devices and study this interesting subject from wherever you want and whenever you want.

Here we present our complete selection of Epidemiology books:


Yigzaw Kebed

Basic epidemiology

R bonita, R beaglehole

Study Types in Epidemiology Transcript

Northwest Center for Public Health Practice

Epidemiology Glossary

Northwest Center for Public Health Practice

Disease in the Population

European Commission

Introducing the History of Epidemiology

Rodolfo Saracci

Epidemiologic Transition Theory Exceptions

Graziella Caselli,France Mesle,Jacques Vallin

An Introduction to Epidemiology (Presentation)

Kirk Morehead

Introduction to Epidemiology (Presentation)

Adebimpe Olalekan

Introduction to Principles of Epidemiology Applicable to Radiation Epidemiology (Presentation)

Martha Linet

Disaster Epidemiology Assessing the Health Impacts of Environmental Public Health Disasters (Article)

Erik R Svendsen

Epidemiology (Presentation)

State of Michigan SOM

Measurement in Epidemiology

Mahidol University

Social Epidemiology Definition History and Research Examples (Article)

Kaori Honjo

Basic Epidemiology (Article)

Development Experience Clearinghouse

Here ends our selection of free Epidemiology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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