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In order to continue to promote access to knowledge and learning of alternative therapies that exist today, we are pleased to present the selection we have made of books on kinesiology in PDF format that we know will provide essential information for the full approach to this type of therapy.

Kinesiology has its origins in the middle of the 20th century, when Dr. George Goodheat found the relationship between the muscles and organs of the body and the energetic meridians that Chinese medicine talks about, as well as the muscular reaction to stress. Keep reading about the fundamental aspects that are developed in the kinesiology books that we put at your disposal in this section.

Kinesiology is therefore the study of the movement of the body, but more specifically of the muscular reaction to stressful situations or situations that the patient experiences as a very strong tension. Muscles often react by tensing and weakening and the kinesiologist aims to find the root of the tension in order to restore the body’s balance.

The way to detect the problem is through a Kinesiology Muscular Test, with which the physical, chemical, emotional or mental cause of the stress is found. Then the intervention is done through various techniques and therapies such as acupuncture, brain gymnastics, energetic exercises and rhythmic movements. In this way, the cause is released and the patient finds the well-being they are looking for.

Kinesiology is also applied in areas such as education, as studies have shown its effectiveness in overcoming problems such as dyslexia. Similarly, emotional problems can be treated.

We hope this selection will be of great use for your studies, we are sure it will, because we offer to you more than 15 kinesiology books in PDF format, ready to download to your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Kinesiology books:

Applied Kinesiology

Medford NY Chiropractor

Gluteus Medius facilitation using Kinesio Taping in the Treatment of Chronic Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Groovi Movements

The Effectiveness of PKP Kinesiology in Reducing Stress Anxiety and Depression

Diane Poole

Neurologic Basis of Applied Kinesiology

Thomas M Motyka,Samuel F Yanuck

The Effects of Leg Spiral Kinesiology Tape Technique on Postural Sway in Clients with Multiple Sclerosis A Quantitative Preliminary Study

Heather Dowell, Steven Ross

Applied Kinesiology Holistic Vitalism and Your Well Being

Anthony L. Rosner, Scott C. Cuthbert and Dr. Aaron Flickstein

Applied Kinesiology Essentials (Article)

Scott C Cuthbert

Basic Biomechanical Factors and Concept (Presentation)

R T Floyd

Functional Kinesiology of the Shoulder Girdle (Presentation)

Joseph Burris

Effect of Therapeutic Exercises Augmented by Kinesio Tape in Treatment of Scoliosis in Adolescent Females (Article)

Eman A Mohamed,Doaa Rafat ElAzab,Hany Mohamed Hamed

Foundations of Structural Kinesiology (Presentation)

R T Floyd

Effect of Neck Retraction Taping on Rounded Shoulder Posture in Desk Workers An Experimental Study (Article)

Arti Kumkumwar,Dr Shilpa Chourasia,Dr Kiran Mendhe

Effects of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching and Kinesiology Taping on Pelvic Compensation During Double Knee Extension (Article)

Seung Woong Lee, Jung-Hoon Lee

Effect of Kinesiology Taping After Rotator Cuff Tear (Article)

Justinas Bubelis,Ieva Masiulyte

Kinesiology 351 YOGA (Presentation)

Los Angeles Mission College

The Effects of Kinesio Taping on Quadriceps Strenth During Isokinetic Exercise in Healthy Non Athlete Women (Article)

I Vithoulka,A Benekab,P Mallioub

The Evolution of Kinesiology Tape (Article)

Dr. Leslie Trotter

Kinesiology (Article)

Angela Burr Madsen

Kinesiology of the Upper Extremity

CoursePoint Lippincott

Influence of Kinesio Tape on Lower Limb Muscular Activity After Knee Joint Rehabilitation Program (Article)

Journal of Applied Sports Science

Here ends our selection of free Kinesiology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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