15+ Virology Books for Free! [PDF]

Viruses have always affected people’s lives and mankind has made great efforts to combat them in different ways. Thanks to this work, studies have been developed in the area of microbiology, which you can access with our collection of virology books in PDF format, available in this section.

Virology is the discipline that studies and analyzes viruses. Viruses are acellular organisms, that is, they are not composed of cells and are made up of nucleic acids that reproduce inside the cells of other organisms, such as those of humans and animals.

When a virus enters the cells of a healthy organism, it produces an immune response that causes certain symptoms. However, the damage is caused by the virus and can affect the organism of the person or animal already suffering from the infection in various ways. For this reason, virology also focuses on the study of ways of vaccination and treatments against the virus.

The viral replication cycle consists of the following phases: attachment, entry into the cell, eclipsing, multiplication and propagation. The attack increases rapidly due to these last phases, infecting the organism in a short time.

We invite you to explore this selection of over 15 virology books in PDF format, available for immediate download on any of your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Virology books:

Brief History of Virology

College of Applied Medical Sciences University of Karbala

Morphology and General Properties of Viruses

The National Institute of Open Schooling

Introduction to Bacteriology and Bacterial Structure Function

The Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya

New Group Theoretical Methods for Applications in Virology and Quasicrystals

Emilio Zappa

Medical Virology in Malaysia

Kaw Bing Chua

Veterinary Virology

Dr. M. A. Oyekunle, DR O. E. Ojo, DR. M. Agbaje

Virology and Molecular Diagnostics Veterinary Diagnostic Services

Province of Manitoba

Animal Inoculation

The Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary Science University Jabalpur

Virology Techniques (Article)

Texas A&M AgriLife

Introduction to Virology I Viral Structure and Function (Article)

Scott M Hammer

Selected Viral Families, Viruses and Species Affected (Article)

Iowa State University

Emerging New Technologies in Clinical Virology (Article)

G Antonelli

A Virologist Between Two Worlds (Article)

Maren Emmerichs

Introduction to Virology (Presentation)

Masheal Aljumaah

Virology (Presentation)

Jesseniova lekarska fakulta UK

Virology (Presentation)

Northern Arizona University

Viruses and Other Acellular Infectious Agents (Presentation)

Bellarmine University Louisville, Kentucky

General Properties of Viruses (Presentation)

Shukla Das

Introduction to medical virology (Presentation)

Abdulkarim Alhetheel

Human Microbiology (Presentation)

Natalie DeLisle

Here ends our selection of free Virology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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