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Self-defense Books

Since ancient times, the world has been a threatening place for human beings, and they have had to defend themselves against various threats in order to survive. Today, the story is not very different and, although the dangers we face are different, it is still necessary to defend ourselves to avoid risky situations, even for our lives. That is why we present to you our collection of self-defense books in PDF format.

The self-defense books will enlighten you on the techniques to defend yourself from different threats in the different circumstances that may arise. From a legal point of view, there is something called the right of self-defense, a legal way of dealing with the violation of one’s life or material belongings by applying proportional force to defend oneself from an aggressor, using the body or some kind of weapon.

Self-defense is defined as a method or set of techniques and skills to exercise defense and/or attack against aggressors in various circumstances. There are two types: generic and specialized. The first one involves and includes all the existing tools for the exercise of defense; the second one, contemplates various combat techniques, as well as the gender of the person who will practice the defense.

Self-defense can be learned and practiced by any person, without being an expert in any martial art. This person should always remain in a state of alertness, learn tactics, strategies and different defensive and offensive skills. Whenever possible, the use of violence should be avoided. Instead, distance and non-confrontational mechanisms should be established.

Check out our excellent collection of over 10 self-defense books in PDF format, ready to download. Remember that the books in our virtual library are in the public domain and we have put them together to facilitate your searches and research.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Here we present our complete selection of Self-defense books:

1) Fightwize Basic Self Defense Training

Autor: Riseup

Fuente: Riseup

2) How to react to an assault – Self Defence techniques dedicated to women

Autor: KravMaga Women Project

Fuente: Krav Maga Women Protect

3) Self Defense Martial Arts (Presentation)

Autor: Jun Steed Huang

Fuente: ResearchGate

4) Combatives

Autor: HeadQuarters Department of the Army

Fuente: Army.mil

5) Instant Self Defense

Autor: Ahisda Kim

Fuente: Ahisda Kim

6) Baton and Unarmed Defense Techniques

Autor: Welcome to the United Nations

Fuente: Welcome to the United Nations

7) 11 Officer Defense Tips & Tactics

Autor: Police

Fuente: POLICE Magazine

8) Why Learn Self Defense (Presentation)

Autor: Plainfield SD 202

Fuente: Plainfield SD 202


9) Guide Beginners F.E.K.M.

Autor: Krav Maga Luxembourg Club et Cours

Fuente: Krav Maga Luxembourg Club et Cours

10) Women’s self-defense and sexual assault resistance: The state of the field

Autor: Jocelyn A. Hollander

Fuente: Jim Hopper, PH.D.

11) Self-Defense Moves for Women (Article)

Autor: Meredith Gold

Fuente: Danny Lane Website

12) Self Defense Techniques other Martials Arts (Article)

Autor: Worcester Students’ Union

Fuente: Worcester Students’ Union

13) 5 Krav Maga Moves To Devastate Your Attacker (Article)

Autor: Escape Crime

Fuente: Escape Crime

14) 10 Self-Defense Strategies Everyone Needs to Know to Survive (Article)

Autor: UC Washington Center

Fuente: UC Washington Center

15) Aikido Defenses Against Real-World Attacks

Autor: Roy Y. Suenaka and Chad Taylor, M.S.

Fuente: Aikido Mariánské Lázně

Here ends our selection of free Self-defense books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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